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O-to-the-K, wait no longer, here she is – THE RECOMMENDER Number 4 in all her glory…

Back to new music, which is what this site is all about. I still hope you enjoyed the last few posts, but shouting about any new gems of tuneage that float past my ears is essentially the purpose of me doing this, so it’s great to have some new little beauties ready for you. Enjoy.

First up, OK TOKYO.  A band hailing from Ricky Gervais’ home town, Reading. I don’t want to be too harsh, but its not the first stop on the map for cool Brittania, but it’s been throwing out interesting shapes in recent years. This 3-piece indie-punk band are loud, bright, jerky and gaining interest fast. I attach a remix of their single ‘You better believe it”, recently released, mixed up by none other than the group ‘Does It Offend You Yeah?’. They describe it as follows : “pyrotechnic-enhanced powerpop for the new generation”. What do you think ?

Find them here:

Hear them here:


Next up in a nice-and-neat-tied-in-sort-of-way, DOES IT OFFEND YOU YEAH?.  Obviously this lot have been all over the blogosphere for some time, but I make no apologies. Time to give their excellence The Recommender listing they well deserve. Cool as fuck, they chop excellent indie-guitaring with a dancing-pace. Somehow they often go all Electro on a tune and it works really well, like a schizophrenic with two fantastically agreeable personalities. I list ‘Epic Last Song’ below because it’s Bloc Party-influenced sound is…well…epic! Off they go to tour America with the afformentioned, so I wish them all good luck. Can’t wait for their return to our shores.

Find them here:

Hear them here:

And finally for this edition, DANGER. As much a comic hero designer as he is DJ, this French electro mystery man is throwing it around clubs worldwide. Appearing in a mask onstage (what is it with this genre and masks!) he also increases the anonimity by naming his tracks after the 24hr clock. Whether this is the time of day he recorded each track is not known. Banging straight out of the Justice rulebook, his pounding tunes make for a peak to any club set. He has also completed awesome mixes for Estelle, We Are Scientists, as well as having his own track 11h30 remixed by DJ DatA. I list a couple of tasters for you below.

Find him here:

Hear 9h20 here:
Hear 11h30 here:

So that’s your ear-food for this edition. Hope you’ve enjoyed them. Subscribe, comment, just remember to keep coming back as I’m always searching out stuff.




John Bonham

A little side-step on this just before I launch into The Recommender – Number 4. I simply want to say a happy belated birthday to the late JOHN BONHAM. He would have been 60 years old last Saturday!

The greatest drummer ever to have lived in mine and most other people’s opinion. Anybody with any sense, anybody with any taste, anybody that’s ever been moved by a beat, and quite frankly anybody with a pair of ears should know and love this mans talent for ‘the sticks’. Unique and totally in a class of his own.

Whilst playing for Led Zeppelin until his untimely death in September 1980, aged just 32, he stole shows and dominated the stage. Well known for occassionally going on 15-20 minute drum solos mid-gig, the man had boundless energy to match his massive talent.

Sorely missed, his legacy will no doubt inspire many drummers for generations to come…


As a small tribute I attach the 2nd half of his famous Moby Dick drum solo. Not until 6mins 21secs into this video does Jimmy Page and co actually return to the stage to crack on with the rest of the tune. Brilliant!

John Bonham – Solo


The Gig List – Number 3

Two posts in two days – Aren’t you the spoiled ones! Saying that, already got a new Recommender due up too, so the posts are coming thick and fast now that my computer’s feeling better about itself. Nice.

OK, it’s been a mad month through May in Brighton. Not only did we have many strange and beautiful highlights here for the ‘Brighton Festival’, but we had our annual mad weekend of new music with ‘The Great Escape’, which is fast becoming Europe’s leading new music festival! It’s brilliant that we Brightonians embrace new music so well. I figure it’s a blend of having an alternative atmosphere inherant in the city, having a large young population of students, having a great number of small and mid-sized venues dotted around the centre of town and also a little sprinkling of the sea air probably adds to the madness too!

This years Great Escape saw the acts such as: Yeasayer, The Ting Tings, The Young Knives, Vampire Weekend, The XX, Late Of The Pier and The Futureheads to name but a few! Best named bands gotta be split between either : Soiled Matress & The Springs or Brighton’s own Maths Class – brilliant!

And so we look on to what’s in store through the rest of the summer and turn our attention to two American bands edging onto many radio’s playlists currently. Remember, this is ONLY a guide to what’s on, the rest is up to you : check out the bands, locate the tickets, get to the venue etc. My aim is to simply make you better informed. Nice.

First up – THE BLACK KIDS. They are from Jacksonville, Florida and bring with them a sunny disposition and energy in their tunes. It sounds a little as if The Cure’s Robert Smith is fronting The Go Team, if you can imagine! Great riffs and sing-along chorus’ burst out of each song. Live they’ve supported acts such as Kate Nash, Friendly Fires and more recently Cut Copy, all of which would’ve been cracking evenings I’m sure!

ACT:                    THE BLACK KIDS
VENUE:                CONCORDE 2
COST:                  £ 8.50
DATE:                  Thursday 10th July 2008

Next up is New York oddballs – BATTLES. I’ll attach a video for their single Atlas, as trying to describe their sound is nigh-on impossible quite frankly. Guitar-led indie with weirded-out vocals by singer Tyondai Braxton make up a unique and experimental soundscape. Brilliant riffs and hooks whip the listener up, it really is excitingly fresh stuff. Have a listen…then go get some tickets as I reckon this gig will be very, very cool!!

ACT:                    BATTLES
VENUE:                CONCORDE 2
COST:                  £ 11.00
DATE:                  Tuesday 15th July 2008

Other highlights coming up include; THE PRESETS @ Barfly, Friday 27th June (£8.00) and OK TOKYO (more about these guys in next post of The Recommender me thinks) @ Freebut, Friday 13th June (£6.50).

Recent brilliant gigs of awesomness that appeared in our city included; MIDNIGHT JUGGERNAUTS @ Barfly, FRIENDLY FIRES @ Concorde 2 (note-best guitaring I’ve seen since Johnny Greenwood!), HEARTS REVOLUTION @ Ocean Rooms and UFFIE & FEDZ @ Ocean Rooms. If you missed them, nevermind, just make sure you look out for them next time around as they come with my stamp of approval all over them. Yummy.

Before I end, I gotta say yet another well done to Henron at Ocean Rooms for managing to book the best DJ’s and dance acts on the planet. This club is now going down as one of the finest in the UK for its cutting edge Electro night, usually every Friday. The media are all over it – so should you be!

See you down the front some time soon…




Welcome once again.

Sorry for the rubbishly-long delay in getting this latest post up. I’ve had no end of computer problems this last month, so been out of action. Frustrating I know, but I return with a goodie bag of the sweetest delights for you…

This time we are sticking with a relatively themed post again. If you recall it was Yorkshire last time – this time around its Australia!! I won’t be creating a theme for every Recommender, only if a grouped batch of cool bands floats my way is all. So this time Australia are in the spotlight. Again, I’m not trying to be the first, coolest or trendiest blog, so I know plenty of you out there will have heard of the following acts, but I love em too much to ignore, so thought they deserved their own post. More underground stuff in the next Recommender – promise…

– I’m going to begin with these guys, coz apart from being totally ace, they are also the most established act getting a mention today. A Melbourn bunch of melody makers creating indie-dance-punk-whatever-you-call-it  on the Modular Recordings label. They’ve toured with giants such as Daft Punk, Franz Ferdinand and Bloc Party to name but a few which should give you a level of just how great they are. They are two albums in now (except for a mix album they’ve done for fabric), with their debut BRIGHT LIKE NEON LOVE (2004), followed more recently by IN GHOST COLOURS (March 2008). Both are worth your time. I attach a fantastic remix of one of their recent singles, ‘Lights & Music’, done by German DJ Moulinex (he’s also worth checking out if ya fancy your disco…)

Cut Copy

 Find them here: or 

 Hear them here:  


 THE PRESETS Another well established Oz outfit. This Sydney based two-piece have been busy making fantstic electro-indie over the last few years. Label mates with Cut Copy on Modular Recordings, they have plenty of stuff available out there, so go hunt out either their debut album, BEAMS, (released back in May 2005), or their brand spanking new album, APOCALYPTO, (released April 2008). Both are totally freaking brilliant. They are also adding many dates on a global tour to push the new album, so look out for them in a city near you soon. I’ll add the Brighton leg’s details of that tour on my next ‘Gig List’ post. 



 Find them here:

Hear the here:

– About as cool as they get! I adore them and all they stand for. A Melbourne 3-piece making sublime keyboard-led, funky-guitar, danceable ace-ness. They look great, sound like they are from another world and kick ass live too. Go find their debut album, DYSTOPIA, which finally got a UK release in May 2008. I’m not attaching MP3’s here, just one of their videos, coz they too are brilliant. Enjoy.

Midnight Juggernauts

Find them here: or at

See them here:  


– OK, the last of this Aussie-themed post and we are going to close with an Electro DJ who rips it up like Godzilla on the dance floor. Once again, Melbourne based (that city must have something in the water me thinks!). Real name Yama Indra, he is normally found playing keyboards for the band Damn Arms(mentioned them in previouse posts below…) who have a lighter touch than the harder sound he produces as a DJ. He’s done mucho remixing of bands ad is often found to have generated something fresh and kick-ass out of the bands hes chopped up. I’ll attach one of his original tunes. Nice.   

OK, thats your lot for this post. Hope you enjoyed this foray into the exciting Australian music scene.
Next post will be a return to all things new, so look out for The Recommender number 4.

G’day mates…




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