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OK, time for another tidy little mini-post…

I will be doing this when something, no matter how random, passes past me that I cannot help but share with you. Could be from any genre in any format, just so long as its blindingly brilliant…and this one is!!!

A couple of years ago I saw the band KASABIAN live. Now I’ve been to a shit load of gigs, (13nr Reading Festivals and 4nr Glastonbury’s amongst many, many others), and seeing Kasabian pretty much reset the bar for everything I’ve seen live since. That’s everything, ever.

I cannot recommend an Indie band more than this lot when it comes to a right show. I came across this Youtube post and it took me back there. The way frontman Tom Meighan draws you all in and involves the crowd is one thing, but above all, its the way the whole band seem to give it their all and genuinely get wrapped up in the moment as much as the crowd.

I challenge anyone to give me an example of a better ‘show-closer’ than LSF. Here it is live from a gig last year. Enjoy it – particularly 3mins and 18 secs in when he lets the crowd go for it. Brilliant, just totally brilliant!



Welcome back.

Got another theme-based Recommender for Number 6. I’m going to concentrate on the awesomely-brilliant Los Anegeles scene. It’s breathtakingly huge and ram-jammed with DJ’s, clubs, photgraphers and labels so fucking cool that its icy breeze stretches around the world. The city is known for its beach life, trend-setting scenesters and sunny dispositions, so it makes for a great proving ground for the city’s young crowd to bathe in.

I should begin by stating that with all the DJ’s I’m rolling on about in this post, all roads seem to lead back to a collection of hipsters, often found around CINESPACE, a cinema/lounge/club in Hollywood. To give you an idea of the type of people that crop up on it’s radar here’s a shortlist:

Steve Aoki (Dim Mak Records Boss and DJ)
Cobrasnake Crew  (Hipster Profilers including; Rony Alwins & Mark Hunter -Photographers)
Sarah Morrison (Famous Youtube scenester)
Kid Paparazzi (Another photographer of beautiful people)
DJs, including: Busy P, Dan Oh, Gina Turner, La Castle Vania, Crookers amongst many others…


First up this week, a DJ duo well known at Cinespace, LA RIOTS. They can rip up the dancefloor like a West coast earthquake! Signed up to Fools Gold records, they have been blasting out the finest electro remixes for the likes of Justice, Scanners and Hearts Revolution, and they’re as good as anyone’s. I list below their mix of ‘Can’t Believe A Single Word’ for your listening stimulation…

Find them here: 

Hear them here: 

Moving on, the next crew I wanna blow up are ROYAL RUMBLE, who are also firmly welded to the Cinespace scene regularly popping up around LA playing at their touring event night, Hush Hush, where they bill alongside the likes of Skeet Skeet, Modular records DJs and Classixx (see below…) amongst many others. They are a 3-piece consisting of; Dan, Kyle and Russ, spinning their bouncing electro favourites for all to shake to. I list their remix of the Soulwax tune, ‘Miserable Girl’, below because its so freaking ace! Enjoy.


Find them here:

Hear them here: 

Finally, for this longer than normal post, I come to the last of the California-linked geniuses, a two-piece known as CLASSIXX. Formerly known as The Young Americans until a legal situation put an end to it, this pair are found on many of the Hush Hush parties thrown in the LA area. I cannot get enough of their brilliant mixes and bubbling electro sound. I list below their tune Dial One.

Find them here:

Hear them here: 

So you now have no excuses – book up your flight to LA now! What a scene, what a collection of brilliant DJ’s and its all in the sunshine. Sounds like perfection. Hope you enjoyed this themed post. I’ll be back with another one real soon, so keep coming back and I promise to love you forever…




OK, here’s a new section I wanna start up. It’s a teeny-tiny mini-post for things that float past my ears that I simply cannot resist posting about. It’s not enough for it’s own ‘Recommender’ or ‘Gig List’, but well worthy of my fingers being wagged in its direction fervently. So here it is in all it’s glory – no explanation, no reasons, just click away and kick back…


How good was that!!!???

Phew – I feel so much better now…



Welcome back you Brighton scenesters you. With arms open wide I’m back with The Gig List 5 to embrace your ears in a loving clutch. Two sweet sets for you this time. Enjoy…

I’m still frothing at the mouth for the upcoming ‘Loop Festival’ in August, so this edition is going to once again give it a mention (I know I’ve covered it in The Gig List 4, but I got more to point out…). I want to select one particular highlight I didn’t mention before.

I will also be pointing you towards the ‘At Home By The Sea’ festival, showcasing indie bands at our beloved Concorde 2 venue over 2 days in August. Once again I want to highlight another band amongst the lineup that I think will be well worth a pop.

STYLESLUTS – This is (another) cracking music and culture blog created by a bunch of cooler-than-cool writers. Generally it’s found to be consistently waaaaaay ahead of the fashion and trends in the UK and around the world. It’s been live since 2005 and is the kind of blog I aspire to. Aren’t I kind. Their big-wig editor, Donald Crunk, occassionally takes the blog to the real world in the form of club nights and parties to die for. This is where The Gig List 5 comes in. Amongst the after-parties being thrown once The Loop Festival finishes, Stylsluts are going to be found in The Ocean Rooms. Be there or you aren’t as cool as you think you are!!

ACT:                    STYLESLUTS
VENUE:                THE OCEAN ROOMS, (after Loop Festival)
COST:                  £10
DATE:                  16th August 2008 @ 11pm – 8am
WEBSITES:     or

SHOUT OUT LOUDS – OK so there is another festival of music coming up and its found at Concorde 2, Brighton (what a ram-jammed summer feast of music we get in our beloved city – wow!). Amongst other acts such as Hot Club De Paris and Wild Beasts you will find Shout Out Louds. If you don’t know them already, they are a Swedish 5-piece with lovely, swirling melodies and packed-out indie charm. Soon to release single, ‘Impossible’ from their second album, ‘Our Ills Wills’. Go pogo, swing, nod, foot-tap and enjoy doing whatever you do at these gigs…

ACT:                    SHOUT OUT LOUDS
VENUE:                CONCORDE 2
COST:                  £10 (one day) or £15 (two days)
DATE:                  Saturday 9th August
WEBSITES:    (or see Concorde 2 site for full festival details)

I hope this helps sort out at least one eveing of fun through August for you. Keep coming back to see whats coming up next in Brighton and around. I’m off to sort you out the next Recommender, Number 6. It’s going to be all about the Los Angeles scene, coz quite frankly I wish I lived there right now. If Brighton wasn’t sooooo fucking awesome – obviously!

We’ll meet again some sunny day…



H to the ELLO

Posts are coming thick and fast now! Hold on tight, coz there’s a couple of sweet listings making up NUMBER 5 today. Nice.

Hope you enjoyed the Q & A and GIG LIST 4. Now back to the big daddy, recommending new acts for your tastebuds to wallow in.

First up this week, THE SHOES. (mentioned in GIG LIST 4 below) coz they’re playing my home town this summer), this lot totally deserve the blog treatment in full. They are yet another French duo, this time from Reims. A mix up of electro, (or ‘Blog house’ as it’s now coined), with rock rythms akin to 1980’s ‘hair rock’ Survivor or Van Halen. Melody heavy and with chops of LCD Soundsystem and CSS thrown in. It can’t do any wrong as far as I’m concerned. Randomly, they continue to raid the celebrity world for photographs of their shoes, mixing art into their notorious live sets and fantastic remixes, this lot provide us with a well rounded box of delights. I list one magic moment from them below. There’s a whole world of others out there so go hunt them out…like NOW!

Find them here:

Here them here:

OK, next up today relates to the above act because of a beautiful remix they’ve compiled of The Shoes dancefloor heavyweight tune ‘The Knockout’, which I include below. Welcome to the heavy and totally mental world of 80KIDZ. A 3-piece DJ act all the way from Japan. Cool as fuck, having supported the likes of Justice, Hot Chip, Busy P and Boys Noize. Their sound is hard-hitting Blog House guaranteed to move any floor. Their remixes are a whole new world of delectable greatness too. Look out for a tour anytime soon…

Find them here:

Hear them here:

We are going to slow it right down now to check out this next lot. THE CUTLER are a two-piece collaboration from Hull, Yorkshire and bring with them a tune so sweet and gorgeous I simply cannot resist listing it below. Think of Grinny Grandad (circa Recommender 2 below) snogging with Portishead whilst secretly copping a feel of The Gorrilaz and you won’t be far from their sound. Find yourself a vista, kick back and slip this on for size.

Find them here:

Hear them here:

Already got more highlights for Recommender 6 so I’m gonna have to leave this post at this junction in preparation of that. Keep coming back, subscribe, comment as always.

Keep spreading the love, just make sure you mop up the mess afterwards eh. Nice…



                                             Q & A   –  THE HAIR

OK, so we are going to try a slightly new take on my blog with this post. Let me know your thoughts as usual…

I’ve been busy grabbing new bands/acts/DJ’s and chucking a few questions their way to help enlighten their fans and because…well…I’m a nosey little bastard. Nice.

Nothing too deep, just an overview and an opinion, with a teeny bit of insight is all I ask from them. Hope it adds to your RECOMMENDER experience. More to come when I get a chance to post them.

First up is a band I’ve written about below in THE RECOMMENDER – NUMBER 2, so for more info and splendid tuneage on THE HAIR go hunt it out down below. They hail from Yorkshire and brim with excellent riff-tastic, casio-cool Indie pop. I love it!

Their songsmith and lively frontman, SAM ROBSON, was the fella I managed to grab for a spare minute and throw some Q’s his way. Find his A’s below. Enjoy…

1.) For those new to The Hair, what’s your history and how did you meet?

Neil and Lee are brothers who were my next door neighbours..and vijay stepping in to drum earlier this year. We’ve basically been hammering away at gigs for a while, mainly up north but with the odd daliance in a festival or tour support.

2.) How is the Yorkshire music scene these days – any hot tips?

It’s as fabulous as usual. Lots of cool bands around…I’d look out for a guy called Jonjo Feather and also a band called Dinosaur Pile-up. Both are frikkin sweet.

3.) Who are your main influences?

I wasn’t like every other kid, you know, who dreams about being an astronaut, I was always more interested in what bark was made out of on a tree. Richard Gere’s a real hero of mine. Sting. Sting would be another person who’s a hero. The music he’s created over the years, I don’t really listen to it, but the fact that he’s making it, I respect that. I care desperately about what I do. Do I know what product I’m selling? No. Do I know what I’m doing today? No. But I’m here, and I’m gonna give it my best shot.

I can’t do these questions really, it’s tough, but I love all the music I listen to like ryan adams, bright eyes, the faint, the rapture, justin timberlake (!) etc etc but I’m not sure what actually has direct influence on The Hair!

4.) What’s it like having two brothers in the band?

Brilliant, they’ve done all their arguing at an early age so they never consciously disagree…

5.) When is your debut album, ‘Indecisions’, due for a release?

In the UK? We’ll probo not release that particular album but a mix of that and some new tracks…hopefully in the next 9 months…

6.) What has happened with the recent change of drummer and how does this affect you?

It’s made us a better sounding live band…a more commanding bass drum. Plus the band internally has a much better relationship. Things had broken down completely with the last guy (though we wish him well for the future) and now we enjoy it again!

7.) Do you have a favourite song on your upcoming debut album? If so, why is that your fave?
Oh I couldn’t say that…hmm…I love ‘Ghosts’ – that’s good, and ‘Half Cut’ is really enjoyable to hear and play for me. We release it free from on the 14th july!

8.) What is the best way for your fans to access your music?

itunes is most direct, but I would say if you want to get hold of the album before it’s remixed/remastered and released with different songs on a date yet to be decided then there are ways and means…and google is your friend…either that or buy it on import!

9.) Have you any tours planned for 2008 (particularly around the launch of the album)?

we’ve just done 10 uk gigs, one video shoot, and 8 days of work in 14 days, so I’m not quite thinking about other touring just yet! but I reckon we’ll do some extensive touring from the autumn onwards if things work out for us.

10.) Can you give us one random fact that no single fan would yet know about you?

I share my birthday with cliff richard!

11.) What is next for The Hair?

Free download (see above!)!!!

So that’s this Q & A’s first installment. More will follow once I get around to it. I list below, as a little taster, their recently recorded new music video for ‘HALF CUT’. It makes me feel drunk just watching it. It’s yet another bloody brilliant song that gets stronger as it develops. There’s plenty more floating about out there from these guys too.

Find their Myspace page here:

Find ‘HALF CUT’ here:

That’s it for this first Q & A. More to come when I get around to them.

Look out for The Recommender  –  Number 5 real soon…

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