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This ride just keeps on trucking, so congratulations on thumbing me down once more. Hop on…

I’ve managed to bag a handful of sugar-coated sweeteners to aid your ipod in this edition. One is a very well known blogged antipodean, the others ain’t so well drafted, but all are totally worthy of their listing. Pick up the gifted selection and waft gently under your ears until satisfied. Nice.

First up, hmmm, lets see…OK I’ll get her out of the way first. Every other blog known to man has her listed, so I gotta pop her on here in my obliging manor, but as always, I’m not trying to be the first, so balls to all that and lets bag a load of LADYHAWKE, (real name: Pip Brown). The timing is good as she not only plays Brighton next month (See Gig List 7 below), but she is also releasing her new self-titled album later that same month. Best realised as the unwanted love-child of the Ting Tings, Roxette, Cut Copy and Chrissie Hynde. Throw in a little cameo from Feist and you have the perfect gang-bang to her sound scape.

Find her here:

Hear her here:  Ladyhawke – ‘Back Of The Van’ 

This next 4-piece are Spain’s answer to Franz Ferdinand and The Rapture, with a flirting eye cast over their shoulders towards Duran Duran. In fact, its as if Franz Ferdinand were all kidnapped by some evil mastermind who has cunningly replaced them with casio-punk robots and got us all fooled. No bad thing. MENDETZ are all sexy, upbeat, sharp riffs and danceable indie. They’ve toured with the likes of Arctic Monkeys in Europe and they are now one great self-titled album in. I’m desperate for them to play over in the UK, so I’m busy pimping their name out to any promoter connections as best I can. Do your bit and click on my links and check out their music. They totally kick it.

Find them here:

Hear them here: Mendetz – ‘The Sofa’

Third up today is a French 3-piece who claim to visit the future to write and record their music and then return to us to release it! MINITEL ROSE have their sound grounded in French electro, but with that fantastic 80’s twist more familiar with the Australian scenesters Cut Copy, Presets or The Midnight Juggernauts. High pitch lyrics swirl around an electronic echo to create a more delicate sound than the usual dirty crunch of more common electro. I list below the medley they leave on their Myspace site, so it gives you a snippet of their sound. They released their album ‘The French Machine’ back in May 2008, so that’s out there to hunt down if they take well to your ears…

Find them here:

Hear them here: Minitel Rose – ‘Medley’

Hope you enjoyed this post. Comment and spread the word as always. Looks like I’m already the largest new music blog in the city of Brighton, so thanks for your support. It’s growing like wildfire now so keep it going. Nice.

On a separate note, I met Henron last night and he told me some great news regarding a new venue for him and the ‘Somewhere In The Universe…’ events, so I will be blogging about that soon. That means its well worth you popping back for more from The Recommender real soon.




Another mini-post today. This time its an irresistible piece of brilliance. A superb video for a fantastic song by the band WILD BEASTS.

A 4-piece from up north signed to Domino Records. This tune, The Devils Crayon, is, in my opinion, their best to date. Its available now…

As always, I’d be interested to hear what you think about it…



Like a very, very sharp pointy thing, I’m angling my finger firmly towards a couple of upcoming musical gigs for your foot-stomping leisure. As usual, it’s just the info – you get the tickets, you get the cab and you most definitely get to enjoy them enormously. I thank you…

LADYHAWKE– This New Zealand songstress has been blogged about so much you would be forgiven for thinking she was born in a computer! Take it from me though, she is well worthy of a couple of your hard-earned guineas. I too, although somewhat late, will be blogging more about her in the upcoming RECOMMENDER 8 to add to the endless scribblings, so I’ll elaborate more then. If what you like are the sing-along, repetitive Ting Tings choruses, flirting outrageously with your Midnight Juggernauts casio thump, then this gig should definitely be one you should attend. Think upbeat, 80’s-heavy, power-pop, full of classy synth-tastic loveliness and you will no doubt enjoy tapping your feet to this with knowing approval.

ACT:                    LADYHAWKE
VENUE:                KOMEDIA
COST:                  £ 7.50
DATE:                  Tuesday 30th September 2008

NOAH AND THE WHALE– Delightfully shiny and packed full of smiles and sunny summerness, this London 5-piece, ( – when also containing the well known Laura Marling on backing vocals!), wave anti-folk pop past you on a breeze of perfumed excellence. From their single, ‘5 years time’, gettting mucho airtime on all radio stations, to the remainder of what proves to be a brilliantly consistent album, this bunch will be an uplifting live set. Lots of brass, lots of strings and accoustic melodies. Think Arcade Fire minus the religious penetration, or perhaps Patrick Wolf minus the wacky outfits and your in the ball park. It’s such a summer thing will it feel the same in November when they hit the city of Brighton!? Only one way to tell…

ACT:                    NOAH AND THE WHALE
VENUE:                CONCORDE 2
COST:                  £ 8.50
DATE:                  Friday 7th November 2008

That should definitely give you a couple of outings post-summertime. Tickets are up now, so don’t hold back, because they’ll definitely go quickly!

I’m now leaving the house to go enjoy Loop Festival in town (circa GIG LIST 4), so hope to catch you there.

See back here for RECOMMENDER 8, which will be posted up very soon…



Welcome aboard number 7…

Pounding up and down the Indie and Electro streets once more, I hold aloft for you special people yet more selected peaks from the world of good choonage. This time we got two DJ’s found blasting air horns from ‘Blog House’ heaven and one tidy European pair of dreamers. These DJ’s are very well known to the blog world already, but I simply cannot resist posting about them myself. However, the last entry may not be known to your ears. Check them all though, coz they’re ALL good…

I’ll start at the beginning. Seems the best idea…OK, first mentioned in previous post The Gig List 6 this super-fly DJ is a mash up in human form. KISSY SELL OUT – the Designer, the Fashion Icon, the Global DJ, the Radio One Talent and all round Remix-Master, grew up soaking up Nirvana, warped into a Drum n Bass freak through his formative years and came out of it all a pioneer of Indie-Electro remix super-sets. And he’s only 23 years old!! Easy on the ears, his taste for blends are as good as they get. With a massive remix back catalogue including Chromeo, Mark Ronson, R.E.M and Gwen Steffani, amongst many others, he specialises in turning the pop world into ultra-slick dance-floor filler. Truly outstanding.

Find him here:

Hear him here

Second in command in this edition, is another sublime Blog House DJ, this time from Atlanta, Georgia, USA. The electric LE CASTLE VANIA, (aka Dylan Eiland), has been busting dance floors globally. With his trademark Emo-style, white-lightning hairstyle, skinny jeans and trainers that look like they were bought in a Nike boutique in a planetary system many light years away, his array of colours only serve to add to his level of cool. Dropping super-massive beats you will see Dylan pumping fists and jumping up and down behind the decks as much as the adoring fans on the dance floor in front of him. Excitable and contagiously energetic, his banging remixes and original productions are fuzzy, chunky, pounding electro of the highest order. Tasteeeeee.

Find him

Hear him here

Coming in third today are a gorgeous girl/boy pairing from Zurich, Switzerland, going by the name of DIVISION KENT. They bounce out melodic electronic music with a guitar sound and a sweeping atmosphere. It’s really quite beautiful. I attach my favourite track below for you, Superstitious. They are two albums in now, with their latest work entitled ‘Gravity’, so please go and track that down if you fancy more.

Find them here:

Hear them here

Hoping to get a new Q&A completed shortly with both Kissy Sell Out and Le Castle Vania posted up real soon, so look out for those in the future. I just gotta catch them when we all get a spare minute. This blog is growing so fast I may even have to source another contributer to match the demand, so watch this space.

See you back here real soon…



Time for a venture into my mini-post once again…

I heard this tune today and I felt I just had to share. It’s nothing amazingly new or anything, just totally beautiful and thought-provoking. I post the clip from their performance on BBC2’s Jools Holland show.

The tune is called 2080 and it was released earlier this year by the excellent New York band YEASAYER and was pointed out to me a while ago by a good man, JASON SZPAK, so this ones for you Jason. Thanks.

Hope you enjoyed the moment…



Right, another festival in Brighton, so another finger-waving highlights guide to what you can find there. I’m talking all about THE BEACHDOWN FESTIVAL located on the beautiful Brighton Downs.

Another new festival on Brighton’s increasingly excellent summer ciruit. Listed as “the UK’s newest and most laid back festival“, with “a guarantee of having the driest underfoot site of any festival” (due to the chalk in the hills that its located upon!!).

It will showcase a mix of both international and local acts on 4 stages over the August bank holiday. Worthy of mention at a glance are; De La Soul, Gogol Bordello, Reverend & The Makers, The Infadels and Lightspeed Champion, amongst others. As on every Gig List though, I’m pointing out my favourites and boy are they both cooking!!

– A 3-piece originating from Leicestershire, now based near Oxford and signed to Transgressive Records, I’ve keenly followed these guys over recent years. I saw them live at Reading Festival a few years back, so I point out their live set to you with joyous abandon as they totally kick it. They are all sharp, pointy guitars and catchy chorus’, brothers Henry and Thomas (aka The House Of Lords – brilliant!) share a cracking connection on stage. Slipping under the scene ‘Geek Rock’ with the likes of FOALS in the UK these glasses-clad, tweed-suited fellas are well worth a pop. Go see go see…

ACT:                    YOUNG KNIVES
VENUE:                BEACHDOWN FESTIVAL, THE SOUTH DOWNS, just north of Brighton
COST:                  £85 for full weekend, plus free camping
DATE:                   August Bank Holiday

– Oh so much I can write, so much. A total fucking legend on the electro scene! He is such a super-freaking cool DJ that I’m due to write his very own entry on The Recommender 7, so I’ll spare the facts on this. All you need to know is that this ex-fashion student, friend-of-the-stars, style-tastic, remix-master DJ of electro music is one the best on the circuit. Any circuit! Of the 42 hours of music that The Beachdown Festival claim is on offer the minutes and seconds that this guy is on stage should be the finest of the whole weekend!

ACT:                    KISSY SELL OUT
VENUE:               BEACHDOWN FESTIVAL, THE SOUTH DOWNS, just north of Brighton
COST:                  £85 for full weekend, plus free camping
DATE:                  August Bank Holiday

Hope this helps your bank holiday out. Just remember Kissy Sell Out is known for blowing his air horn throughout his set, like the pied piper of electro, so listen out when he comes calling.

Don’t forget to check back here for The Recommender 7 sometime in the very near future for some more sweet selections. Nice.


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