Or should that title read, “How Good Is This Going To Be….”.For today we are in a soothsaying mood. Perhaps it’s the start of the new year that’s making us feel this way, not sure, but this is a post all about hypothetical albums hopefully due at some point in the future that we’re most looking forward to. Whether they will ever happen or not is a totally separate issue…

It’s basically a slot about our favourite bands and it gives us a chance to reflect on their collective ace-ness and send them all positive vibes for writing that next album. Here’s hoping, because their last efforts were life-changers! We list below a bit about why they have us hooked and we also attach an mp3 of our favourite track by them to date…

1) LCD SOUNDSYSTEM – tbc (2009?)
No better place to begin than the modern era’s most important band. James Murphy, Pat Mahony, Nancy Whang et al, are about as good and eclectic as you could ever hope the worlds best band to be. Experimental and original, without ever disappearing up their own collective arses. Reflective and full of inspiration from past bands, yet somehow managing to sound like the future. They are true song masters of the Sensei kind. We love their past work, culminating in the critically acclaimed 2nd album, Sound Of Silver, released back in March 2007. Anyone that can write a tune as great as ‘All My Friends’ will forever be by my side. Like a past relationship that you think back to and privately admit to yourself that you are still in love. It doesn’t die and it never will, you just stop talking about it. Well today I’m talking again. Despite recording songs that are good enough to get the “I-want-them-played-at-my-funeral” request already, we look ahead to what box of magic tricks James will bring us in the future. Regarding the next album, James Murphy admitted last November that the songs are already written, (in his head at least), and once he reaches “critical mass” he will have to start recording. The sooner the better. We can’t hold our breath forever.


2) THE ARCADE FIRE– tbc (DVD first!)
Like all the best bands, they inhabit a world in some other paradox to ours. Sometimes it’s ice-cold and sometimes its as fiery as a split in the earth’s core. We totally adore them andrightly so. You don’t quite become a fan of Arcade Fire, rather you worship at their alter. They are more a cult than a band. I’m not sure where the religious descriptions come from – Perhaps it’s their Morman dresscode and the fact that they all seem somehow related? Perhaps it’s the fact that when you see them live you catch a spirit that possess you to sing out, loudly, with arms aloft? Perhaps it’s the energy in which they climax a song that duly punches you in the gut, right where you feel it most? Their first album, Funeral, released back in 2004, was a truly moving debut that set up the promise that was finally fulfilled in their follow up album, Neon Bible. Everything changes once you hear that piece of work. It’s as individual as a Hieronymus Bosch painting and just as rammed full of ideas. They release their tour DVD in 2009, so that is the only new thing on the horizon from these guys, but perhaps 2010 will herald the next studio album. By then the church will have a queue around the block. Probably best you join it now…


3) DAFT PUNK– tbc (2009?)
Where to start? These guys were running around the world doing their thing back in the mid-1990’s, whilst the rest of the world was sucking it’s thumb wandering where this genre called ‘Dance’ music was going. You had to look ahead many years, once blogs developed their taste for the more recent sounds of Justice and Soulwax, for an entire new genre, now referred to as ‘Electro’, or more confidently, ‘Blog House’ . But these new acts, along with the likes of Erol AlkanBoys NoizeDigitalism and quite frankly anybody from France using a synthesizer! were just the pretenders to Daft Punk’s throne. It was made abundently clear as to who should be anointed the crown-wearing daddy’s of this scene when Daft Punk went on a world tour in 2007. Anyone that caught that true moment of spectacular dominance will testify that Daft Punk are exactly where you should start when talking about Electro dance music. With all their obvious rock band influences and robotic imagery, (we’ve got to give their totally awesome robot masks a mention), these guys play out a kicking set. We hope they bring out a new album soon. It seems they have approx 4 years between albums, with Homework arriving in 1997, Discovery in 2001 and their last full album, Human After All in 2005. Hmm, that takes us to 2009 right? With the massive success of Justice over the last couple of years, where can Daft Punk go? All eyes front and centre…


4) KLAXONS– tbc (2009?)
A far smaller band than the acts listed above, but an effective group nonetheless. They arrived amongst the false start of a scene, known as Nu Rave, back in 2006. This almost decided their fate, in no small part thanks to the desperation of the NME magazine’s attempt to drum up a new scene for the teenager masses, so sales boosted by collecting together a bunch of new bands that turned out to be far too individualto be rounded up in such a commercial way. However, it still ballooned and much attention was gained, before they swiped the critical acclaim that comes with winning the Mercury Music Prize. This seemed to allow a deeper appreciation that took them beyond the Nu Rave moniker. Upon reflection, the scene has thankfully imploded and inevitibly pretenders such as Hadouken and Late Of The Pier seemed to have muscled in on thierdollar. Interestingly, the only band not to have blown up in hype from that whole scene are The Sunshine Underground from Leeds, who despite having the strongest album of them all never quite caught the zeitgeist like Klaxons. Hearing some of The Sunshine Underground’s new demo’s it appears they haven’t so much developed as gone backwards. We will see. Anyway, its Klaxons that we will be watching with a keen eye for their next move. They survived the thump of a crashing scene and they seem to hold a level of quality that owes as much to fashion and art as much as their excellent music. What strange and beautiful monster could they possibly evolve into?


As usual, all the above acts are keeping tight lipped about future releases (LCD don’t even tell their manager when they’re recording!), so we will have to hold on. When news breaks The Recommender will be right on it to bring you any information.

We obviously have a multitude of other acts that we are also bubbling with excitement about, but we had to stop the post somewhere. Hopefully the above bands give a fairly decent cross-section. Leave a comment if you wish.

We hope you enjoyed this little forage away from bringing you our usual pluckings from the world of fresher, new music. Our next post will definitely be more contemporary. We’ve already got a handful of juicy bands that are virtually jumping out of the sack to meet you…


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