We predict that this band are going to split you lot down the middle. It’s not that there’s anything wrong or that we’re not recommending without our usual thorough conviction, but there’s a sharp bite and a pair of bollocks that come with this north London four piece. Their daring mix of originality alongside their obvious retro gothic rock influences is precisely what camp dividing is made of.  It is similarly their ability to not only take from the old, but add in a key fresh new ingredient, that so many other similar bands fail to do, that makes them so likeable. Their peers are stealing and replicating former sounds from the new wave and gothic movements without adding in their own thoughts. Wild Palms stir in something that’s not heard before and that allows them to break the surface for us. Razored guitaring chops like a helicopter blade, (were it being flown by Foals), whilst thundered beats drive their songs along at a pace. It’s the vocals from frontman Lou Hill, that wander brilliantly from Andrew Eldritch (Sisters Of Mercy) choruses, right over to Henry Dartnall (The Young Knives) verses, that make the music shift from back to front so much. Their tune, Over Time (listed below), was emailed to us in recent days and it’s a shining example of precisely our thoughts. They can be seen out on tour in support of Good Shoes at the end of November and start of December.  (MB)

Find them here:      Myspace

Hear them here:      WILD PALMS – OVER TIME ysi

REDLINE.jpg Red line picture by odelaybradford


This band are a new talent from our home town of Brighton, who fly in the face of all the doom pop (see critique above and indeed below) and electro pop that’s currently dominating not just our local scene but most of the UK this year. Still unsigned and going barely a full year, this four piece are hardly out of their wrapping yet, so the music often seems somewhat unpolished, but it adds to their charm. Once they pen a deal, and they will pen a deal, a little gloss will be applied to their encouraging tunes. It would be kind if they cut out the bullshit, stoner moments of self-indulgence (making sheep noises is sadly not hilarious to anyone but them!), but if they focus on the warm, well-constructed parts of their songs, then they just might create a future full of opportunities. Their music is outstanding in parts, reminding  us of Blur or even the Kinks at their sunniest. There’s a tidy brass player, some very pretty guitars and even a spot of whistling, which we always regard as somewhat brave. Fans of Super Furry Animals, or the more recent Birds & Batteries will enjoy the more experimental sides that are shown in the vocal layers and acutely enjoyable lyrics, “I’m just looking for the plot, I seem to lose it quite a lot”. Well this is one plot that remains unfinished, but our eyes will be fixed on finding a happy ending. Our favourite tune to date, The Rhythm Inside You, is listed below for your review.    (MB)

Find them here:       Myspace

Hear them here:      FLASH BANG BAND – THE RHYTHM INSIDE YOU ysi

REDLINE.jpg Red line picture by odelaybradford


As soon as we mention the genre of doom pop, (see the above critique), another one appears in our inbox that slots directly onto the Recommender iPod alongside the likes of Lyrebirds, Motorama, etc. Such is the prevalence of this type of band these days that we are in danger of drowning in the wave of echoing misery. Perhaps it’s a sign of these economic times, perhaps it’s simply because bands like The XX and Mirrors seem to be doing so well for themselves? Either way these guys are so young and fresh that their music wouldn’t even be allowed onto Alton Towers‘ rollercoasters. Refreshingly, unlike the clouds that hover over the likes of The XX or Lyrebirds, these guys sing of hope and love. Piercing guitars and basslines that enter you through the chest, ride under the vocals of frontman Lewis with the sort of undercurrent that will sweep you away forever. Even though they have had plays on Radio One with their amazing track Surfacing (see their Myspace), they’re still not yet plastered all over the blogs, which is amazing considering their power, intensity and instant appeal. Mike from the band mentioned to us that they hope to do a vinyl release of the tune before the end of the year and there’s the possibility of future EP’s in 2010 as they chase that elusive record deal. One thing is for certain, they’ll be signed soon enough and once those flood gates open we suggest you close your eyes and simply dive right in.    (MB)

Find them here:      Myspace

Hear them here:      CHAPEL CLUB – AFTER THE FLOOD ysi

REDLINE.jpg Red line picture by odelaybradford

Question – Do you like the bands that The Recommender covers? If so, would you like to come to an event hosted by this blog showcasing these bands? It’s just a thought. Answers on a postcard please, (or, if it’s easier, in the comments section…)


6 Responses to “THE RECOMMENDER – NUMBER 59”

  1. October 31, 2009 at 8:17 pm

    I am so glad you commented on my blog! I love yours and will keep checking back. It’s a bit difficult to keep up on all the underground music going on in the UK, so I’m always looking out for good sites. Oh and speaking of Wild Palms, I heard about them because of a site called brooklynvegan.com. They compared them to Joy Division, so I had to check them out. Anyway nice work, I’m going to add you to my blogroll. x

  2. October 31, 2009 at 8:49 pm

    Thanks Angie.

    We know and use Brooklynvegan all the time. It’s a very, very large blog.

    Recommender fans – pop over to Angie’s blog to see her musings on the music world. It gets our stamp of approval for sure.

    All the best.

  3. October 31, 2009 at 9:35 pm

    It is massive. I didn’t know it was so well known abroad because I’ve met a fair few people in the UK that had never heard of it. On the other side of things there are a mass of people here that don’t know what Mojo, NME or Kerrang! are which is shocking enough.

    Anyway, I’m babbling, thanks for the shout-out!

  4. 4 Mini
    November 2, 2009 at 2:33 am

    I’m from Brighton and I’m telling you that if you did gigs in town to showcase the bands you blog it would be totally AMAZING!!!!!

    Ever thought of doing a podcast or radio show too?

    Me and my mates always love each and every post you do. It’s astonishing how you keep finding so many consistently great new artists. Keep it up and we’ll keep coming back…


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