This latest find is the direct result of a little blog scanning, so credit where credit is due for one of our self-nominated parallel blogs, Pretty Much Amazing, with whom we share many ideals.  They in turn located the band from We All Want Someone, another excellent kindred journal.  You see, there’s this kind of primeval hunter/gatherer service that’s going on for you with us bloggers.  We love music, we go out and get music, we bring back music, you devour it.  Well, I guess in this case, we let others go out and grab it, then we devoured it ourselves and we’re now handing you the already digested leftovers.  Um, not quite so nice.  We digress.  Where were we?  Oh yeah, The Tins are bloody fantastic!  A three piece out of Buffalo who might just have wandered into our new favourite band category with ease.  They’ve been together for several years, having formed at college, and they’ve clearly spent that time properly tackling their instruments and more importantly wrestling their sound into a perfect submission, that’s now ready to be released as a self-titled five track EP.  Tight, masterfully layered jams, that build and fold into honest, captivating tracks such as these are actually very rare.  Spending a little time gliding through the tracks available on their Myspace was as about as rewarding as a Californian road trip in a soft top, as full of sunshine and musical vistas as you’re likely to find anywhere this year.  There’s several enjoyable sections within the songs, that work hard at not only finding a fantastic refrain, but keeping it going as long as the listener wants it to.  Oh just another eight bars of this please, Yes!  It’s not just the high standards on show that impresses, but the sheer consistency that’s so astonishing.  High praise for a band that’s totally aiming high.  Let’s hope for some more blog regurgitation to help raise awareness of this awesome find.  (MB)

Find them here:           Myspace

Hear them here:          THE TINS – THE GREEN ROOM

TinyRedLineForBlog.jpg picture by odelaybradford


We never got to hear of these guys when they had their first punt on the industry back in 2007, releasing their debut album, Messages, on XL Records.  The album launched into it’s pacey 80s synth tirade from the outset, rolling through various catchy but ultimately prosaic hooks. The ‘trying too hard’ signs were flashing, but within their neon walls there was evidence that life could still be located.  So after a brief hiatus, they’re back and this time seemingly not struggling quite so much, which initially looks like it’s allowed their tunes to improve.  The synth glitz is toned down and the 80s references, although still abundant, aren’t quite so sickly.  Keeping the punches and the hooks that previously worked, the tracks now have more variety and range, with a clever maturity and plenty to enjoy in each song.  It seems it was perhaps a worthy hiatus then.  Well, before we leap into a barrage of adjectives, there’s a couple of minor irritations.  The lyrics are in a generous need of repair, never talking about anything much, with dull subjects such as horizons and pylons (!).  However, lyrics are often harder to attack as we’re sure they mean something to the writer, just not the rest of us.  It’s also worth noting that this isn’t music that aims for your inner intellect, it’s for your smile, or your feet.  Tracks such as Us & The Wind, certainly blow enough breeze to drift in through an open window, while tunes such as The Grid turn it up and will turn you on as a result.  This seems to be a band with ideas and the odd clever trick, but who equally fall into the cliché trap when they try too hard.  A classic case of learning how enjoyable it is to cruise when you take your foot off the pedals a little.  Their new album, The Habitable Zone, is due out in May.  Whether they learn to go for the smooth ride, or continue to put their foot down, at least the signs now suggest they’re driving in the right direction.    (MB)

My Photos | To My Boy

Find them here:         Myspace

Hear them here:         TO MY BOY – US & THE WIND

TinyRedLineForBlog.jpg picture by odelaybradford


At first glance this is yet another slice of the synth pop cake that blogs serve up until you vomit.  Indeed this isn’t going to be for anyone who’s tired of this current trend, but there’s actually a lot of soul found on show here and that should hold your attention.  We should also mention that anyone reading this who was a teen or older during the 80s will likely feel this is a little too familiar, with it’s direct Lionel Richie descendancy.  A bloodline that doesn’t quite get the edgy, artistic, experimental side of our brains fizzing in all honesty, but who cares if all you want to do sometimes is indeed dance upon the ceiling.  The synths are on show and the cartoon basslines, although sticky as a spoon lost in the sugar jar, reliably jump the tracks along from one hopped beat to the next.  We notice that this new duo, born from one half of the double act BoyGirl, are from Boston, which makes us think of Yes Giantess and the whole Neon Gold crew, who always adored that distant Miami-fuelled decade, as if the 1980s were one long, fantastic cocaine party with Kevin Bacon.  The music on show with these two, although as defiant as Yes Giantess’ sexually-charged synths, is actually more akin to Kinema, who come from, um, our home town of Brighton, UK.  Oh well.  This is strawberry milkshake pop music, with songs that select the only subjects that this style could: partying and girls.  The more you hear the track, Let’s Go Together, which usefully just got picked up by Kitsune for their latest tastemaking compilation album, (number 9), the more you are lured in.  Resistance is pretty much useless and, like all the best forays into the 80s, the second you hold back from enjoying it the sharper your pretentiousness comes into focus, and that’s never nice.  Put on your most fearless smile and enjoy this simple, but entrancing piece of funky, soulfully-vocalised pop.

gamble/burke | Gamble and Burke

Find them here:          Myspace

Hear them here:         GAMBLE & BURKE – ISOLATED (WITH YOU)


6 Responses to “THE RECOMMENDER – NUMBER 78”

  1. March 17, 2010 at 8:22 pm

    Glad you guys like it! It’s incredible that it spread all the way over here! I hope that the word keeps spreading to more and more sites.

    They are truly an incredible band!

  2. March 18, 2010 at 11:04 pm

    Not sure about Gamble and Burke – the Eddie Murphy video feels very cheap – almost shoddy, and Isolated sounds very much like something that would come off a Beverley Hills Cop movie soundtrack – not a particulary great thing (!?!) Let’s Go Together is a bit better though – harmless soul boy electronic pop I guess. Maybe they’ll grow on me.

    To My Boy are a rather pleasant listen though !

    • March 19, 2010 at 1:45 pm

      Beverley Hills Cop soundtrack = Yes!

      Dude, I think the video is supposed to be ironic. It’s about as far removed from having Rankin direct it for you as it can get and I kinda like that.

      To My Boy change it up a little with their other stuff so head over to their Myspace. We fell for ‘Us & The Wind’ though. It’s particularly suiting my current hangover. Nice.


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