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When looking at ‘super groups’, making a whole that is greater than taking it’s individual parts is often one hell of a hit or miss business.  Just check out rock’s attempts, with Velvet Revolver missing it badly, or the more recent Dead Weather, who made it work with a little more success, (although Jack White could join Jedward and make it work as far as we are concerned).  Kite In The Air isn’t quite a ‘super group’, but the members have previously existed in separation.  Mike Genius, one half of the dark electronic riff section that was the American duo WZRDZ, has joined forces by playing the laptop behind another duo, Jed & Lucia, who are more used to providing us with a sweet blend of Californian gaze folk.  So they seem to have previously occupied very different genres and it seems rather impossible to imagine they’d ever have a middle in which to meet.  As individual groups their music seemed born from a type of drug infused haze, only the drugs of choice in WZRDZ case were mountains of petrol-infused crack, where Jed & Lucia were drifting on a purple cloudy wave of weed.  However, the music they’ve created whilst pulling together is nothing short of astonishing!  It’s music you will instantly adore, made equally for the headphones as the dancefloor.  It’s what The Golden Filter would have loved to have made, with it’s four beat pace and electro riffs, but with Emma Lucia’s vocals the music totally takes off.  There are the kind of peaks on each track, all available for free on their website, that would make anyone jealous.  Clear headed, or mind fucked beyond repair, this is music that makes a bee-line for your cerebral cortex and stays there until the morning.  Enjoy the sunrise.   (MB)

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Hear them here:       KITE IN THE AIR – MAGIC MARKER ysi

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If you’re from the UK you would be forgiven for thinking this artist is named after the 1980s show starring Arthur Daley, but sadly not.  It’s actually pronounced “Man-dar”, as in her real name, Amanda Warner, and she’s one of those very special finds!  Locating a diamond cut like this is all too rare and it’s commonly followed by plenty of whoops and over-enthusiastic yelping.  Apologies if you involuntarily produce some these noises too, but at least you’ve been warned.  Like all good music, this is best played very loudly, so the synth punch goes straight through you, Bruce Lee style.  Don’t be fooled for thinking this is too basic either, as simplicity is a lot harder to create than you would think and Amanda’s jams, and they are proper jams, have mastered this art.  Jerked dance hall drum machine beats, of a kind not seen since Santi White, jump over modulated synths in a style claimed to be nerdcore.  However, her thumping tunes have plenty of pop and melody fitted inside too, in the same great way those other nerds, Hot Chip, achieve so effortlessly, (she even shares their love of big geek glasses!). The key to it all wrapping up so well is the vocals, which reflectively remind us of Kim Wilde.  She’s previously worked with Har Mar Superstar, Deerhoof and Yeah Yeah Yeahs in various ways, so we will try and get her over to the UK so she can headline a Recommender gig next year.  Hopefully plenty more will arrive from her between now and then as she’s currently busy piecing together her debut album.  This is one space we will all be watching intently!   (MB)

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Hear her here:        MNDR – FADE TO BLACK ysi

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We’ve known about this Shoreditch three piece for some time now, but as always the packed inbox of the blogger is both a blessing, giving us many introductions, but also a bastard, as it takes such a long time to get around to listening to, and ultimately writing about, each new discovery. Citadels seem to be well known around the trendy East London circles, with two out of the three also performing as the dance duo Labyrinth Jackals to reflect their schizophrenic love of dance music. So good was their recent remix of Seven by Chew Lips that we may well have to write Labyrinth Jackals’ own Recommender in due course. If we get around to it of course! Anyway, back to the band Citadels, their original construction, which they formed upon moving to the capital from their south coast roots. The regular comparisons to The Flaming Lips electro pop would only work if the Oklahoma giants had Brett Anderson fronting them! However, their vocals enjoyably crescendo in the same excellent way that Wayne Coyne’s do and they similarly produce a type of playful, dreamy, layered peak to each of their songs. It’s intelligent and totally fearless music, absolutely rammed with melodies and contagious vocals. When they reach the summit of their songs, and they build a song as good as anybody, it turns out the view is truly beautiful. For fans of imaginative, aspirational guitar pop, you will do well to watch this band, as they are due to really deliver their master plan during 2010.   (MB)

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Hear them here:       CITADELS – ANIMALS ysi




How is it that every time we come across a band from Paris it makes us want to be right there, in their beautiful, hipster culture?  It’s probably the same factor that made us want to live in Brooklyn when we discovered Sleigh Bells, or Los Angeles when we first came across Heartsrevolution, or Berlin when, or Manchester when, or, or, etc.  OK, to be fair, our home town of Brighton is plenty cool enough thanks, but this three piece from the Gallic capital are definitely made from that most attractive of purest hip.  We are suckers for the sexy vocalist, complete with every word seemingly breathed out, rather than sung.  It’s all so effortless and it challenges you in a manner not seen since the likes of Billy Corgan or Debbie Harry before him.  This all drifts over the top of a lo-fi electro synth and disco beat that simultaneously captures the minds attention whilst  moving your feet in all directions.  This is care-free music, made by care-free imaginations, for care-free music fans.  It’s hard to know why the blogs haven’t gone totally bananas for this pleasant piece of Parisian pop, as they’d slot onto a Kitsune Maison Compilation with ease.  They tick all the right electro boxes and serve up the kind of magic that many blogs stick to as part of their strict diet.  Perhaps it’s simply early days for them, or the publicity machine hasn’t yet got into gear.  It will eventually, but for now it’s perhaps Paris’ secret.  As for us, we’re going to have to get around to organising that goddamn city break.   (MB)

Find them here:        Myspace

Hear them here:       KiT – ANIMALS ysi

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For crying out loud!! We’re getting very bored with the amount of new bands that are deciding to hide their identities from view. From the likes of Fake Blood to Golden Filter it seems people are forever shunning the front of the stage by not confirming who is behind the music. Why they do it is something we seem to be talking about on a regular basis. Perhaps its to restrict the rapid pace in which blogs and the wider online community bore people to death by diluting music through the scrutiny, sharing and critiquing of everything new?  Perhaps not allowing people to know who you are holds something back, giving the artist a sense of empowerment?  Either way it’s over-done now, so much so that it would almost be a better publicity stunt if you actually showed your face and confirmed your name!  Anyway, Silver Columns didn’t even have a Myspace when we first caught wind of them, but although that’s now been corrected, their identity is still being held back.  Apart from this irritation their original music and superb remixes are fantastic.  They also clearly get Joe-Hot Chip‘s approval as he has remixed their track, Brow Beaten, to brilliant effect (see below).  Their hearts beat disco and their synth riffs bleed the kind of choppy rhythms we adore.  This kind of dance music is a little on the camp side, as you will hear with their vocal mantras, but it’s in a good way, like it’s fearless, rather than fluffy.  One thing this lot seemed to have learned, identity or no identity, is that it’s all about the music.  However, in defence of us bloggers, it always has been really.   (MB)

Find them here:      Myspace

Hear them here:     SILVER COLUMNS – BROW BEATEN (Joe Hot Chip Remix) ysi

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We aren’t particular fans of Fyfe’s other regular band, the well known Guillemots, for which he sings lead vocals.  For a long time they’ve let us down on the promise they seemed to hold, with their classically trained abilities, as their songs waft between dull and slightly more dull, only coming up for quality air with one decent track per album.  Anyway, we aren’t talking about Guillemots today.  Why their lead singer Fyfe should get a mention on here when we consider his other band so poorly is a little bit difficult to pin down, as there aren’t that many initial differences.  Suffice to say, particularly on the track we attach below, it seems he has magically managed to fill in all the gaps left by the Guillemots.  The gaps where all those killer melodies and pop hooks were sitting.  The gaps where the fuzzy keyboards, beat-claps and chunky samples reside.  Gone are the bored, lifeless tunes and in their place you find an electric, funked-up selection of proper pop. Thank fuck for that.  His vocals seem released from their previous restrictions, which is evidenced more clearly on other solo tracks where he provides a lot more natural spirit and bravery. Guillemots will no doubt be supportive, however, we hope that they now realise that it’s Fyfe who’s clearly their best chance of a good peak.  His solo album, Fly Yellow Moon, is due out January 18th 2010.    (MB)

Fyfe Dangerfield   When You Walk In The Room listen

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