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This is an act we found whilst doing our usual rounds of the ever-reliable blogs Big Stereo, Discodust and Gotta Dance Dirty.  Hailing from California, Butterfly Bones make suitably sunshine-infused, synth led pop music.  They’ve already been tagged as chill wave, but they come with the implied warmth of a dwindling bonfire’s embers on the beach one August morning.  It’s the kind of feel good soundtrack that Cut Copy made us fall in love with when they were focusing on their laid-back, drawn-out grooves.  Alongside the synthetic, fuzzy-round-the-edges bass and dreamy, sliding melodies, there’s also the requisite light guitar play to tickle the ear and remind the listener that there are indeed human hands behind this project.  Drizzled on top of the already delicious, but rapidly melting ice cream sundae of synths and guitars, are Reese Donohue’s vocals.  They lazily cascade down over ripples of funk and some smooth, icy, glissandos, scooping this sticky treat into your ears, whilst a sprinkling of chocolate chip handclaps dance over the top.  Butterfly Bones make songs to sweat to, although this is not music that you throw yourself around to, it’s what you put on when you’re already sweating.  Consider it for those moments when you’re sunning yourself by the pool, glistening healthily, and checking out that bikini clad girl, as she conspicuously checks herself out in your mirrored sunglasses.  We attach below one of our favourite tracks from the Pretty Feelings EP, Ur Hott, released last October, as well as a more recent example of their work, <3, released as a recent single.  If we don’t get these guys to come and play at one of our Recommender parties this year then the sun may as well not come out at all.    (MA)

My Photos | Photo by Andy Desantis | BUTTERFLY BONES

Find them here:          Myspace

Hear them here:         BUTTERFLY BONES – UR HOTT

Hear them here:         BUTTERFLY BONES – < 3




This new Scandinavian pair and their wonderful tune, H.O.L.I.D.A.Y, (listed below), arrived in our inbox in recent weeks and it’s given us the perfect opportunity to discuss something totally awesome that’s happening in the blog community.  Namely that blog’s are taking back a little bit of control.  Right in the middle of the storm created by the Google-owned Blogger, who recently decided to shut down a handful of popular blogs for illegally hosting mp3s.  Should we be scared?  Not if the likes of the Big Stereo, Discobelle, Nightmagnets and Ohh! Crapp blogs are a sign of things to come.  We will talk about the former two blogs in the below posts, so our attention is initially focussed on the amazing Ohh! Crapp / Nightmagnets blogs and the brave move they’ve made by creating their own label, which hosts Montauk for it’s second release, following the success of the What Kind Of Breeze Do You Blow premiere.  These are very large, successful and acutely sharp tastemakers in the blog world.  We are massive fans, so any release by them automatically comes with a stamp of awesomness.  Feel the power surging back at the thought of blogs no longer being a service to the record labels, but instead putting it’s own fantastic music out.  For years we’ve been stealing the thunder from traditional journalism, being much quicker to almost everything, so now we turn our attention to the labels who harbour such misplaced animosity.  Swedish duo Montauk churn out slow-driven, groove-heavy music that’s at the end of the house spectrum in which the lounge is located.  It’s gorgeous nightscape instrumentals drip smooth electronic chocolate all over the basslines, snares and claps.  This Toronto blog label, the superbly named Brilliantine, have informed us that they have more neon tricks in their box, so we will keep you posted as the revolution takes shape.   (MB)

Find them here:        Myspace

Hear them here:       MONTAUK – H.O.L.I.D.A.Y

TinyRedLineForBlog.jpg picture by odelaybradford


Amongst a sporadic collection of others, Neon Gold Records have been doing this blog-turned-label thing for some time, to massive success, with Marina and Ellie due to hit extraordinary heights in 2010, but as much as we love them here at Recommender Towers, we see them as more of a feeder label for the majors.  They locate music that is very high in potential and bring it to the surface, where as the second label that we are discussing today, Big Stereo Records , seem to have a slightly more distinct independence.  The more we think about this whole evolution, the more obvious and natural it seems, as bloggers with brains look to capitalise on all their hard work.  They’ve spent years making connections, getting involved in the promotion and discussions on new music, they are better socially networked than almost everyone, have giant quantities of passionate followers, not to mention their immaculate taste and vast knowledge of music’s many scenes.  To ram home the example in a shameless plug, we here at The Recommender have taken to throwing our own monthly parties, which is another natural step, using our connections and knowledge to showcase cutting edge music.  The massive, brilliantly written blog, Big Stereo, with a designed layout that’s as sharp as their ability to lead the pack, have now taken up the business of releasing music under their own self-titled label.  First out of the stable is Baby Monster, a pairing from Oregon with jams so tight and sugary that your taste buds may at first recoil, but pay attention as each track develops rewardingly.  It has descriptive lyrics that talk of their lovers, over misty synth pop that’s laid out like a silk sheet over the framework of each song.  Of all the new signings discussed today it’s perhaps Baby Monster that have the most obvious potential.  We may even grab them to play our blog parties should they visit the UK.   (MB)

Find them here:          Myspace

Hear them here:         BABY MONSTER – SHE COMES ALIVE

TinyRedLineForBlog.jpg picture by odelaybradford


The last of our examples today, and there will be more as the evolution continues, is regarding the highly successful Swedish blog that centres itself on highlights from the world of electronic music, Discobelle.  Once again we believe this to be a perfect example of clever progression.  Blogs are the perfect A&R people, with their reach global and their resources seemingly limitless.  Only time will tell how they cope with the practical sides to signing artists and distributing their work.  Discobelle will simply be an online digital retailer, but to be honest, in most cases releases will be pushed out free to download on the blog, which, although seeming a little counter-intuitive, should actually allow the artists to reach millions of people with one song.  As you will no doubt see, and this applies with Nightmagnet’s and Big Stereo’s releases too, many producers will be lining up to remix the tracks on offer, creating yet wider spread and attention in all the right circles.  Discobelle’s first signing, MVSEVM, provide an attractive track, French Jeans, to start things off, with remixes coming from So Shifty and Dada Life, amongst others.  Assured beats and light electronic samples are like a breath of fresh air to the brain, ticking along until the tune breaks and begins introducing layers like a techno building site.  It harks back to the 90s a little, which is perhaps understandable considering this trio from Finland have a history rooted in techno, but rest assured that this is electronic music for articulate grown ups.  OK, so we are well aware that this blog post has been more about the significant developments in blogs, rather than focussing purely on the music, but we thought it a story worth covering.  Like all good record labels this will be an organic journey worth keeping an eye on.  Oh and don’t forget to hit up their blogs too, as label or no label, they all still promise to carry out their generous critiques.   (MB)

Find them here:        Myspace

Hear them here:       MVSEVM – FRENCH JEANS



With some of the world’s best profile photographers now on board, magazines lining up to interview The Recommender, and visitors arriving in their thousands every day now, you are now part of a blog that’s growing and developing in front of your very eyes. Just another handful of reasons for you lovely people to keep on coming back. Now, back to the real reason for it’s existence  – totally awesome tuneage…

Landed on my feet here with this super-hot new, unsigned, French band. They approached me via Myspace and kindly dropped me their mp3’s. They are totally superb. I love it when fresh meat discoveries like this pop up and give you goosebumps all over. Their dance-pop-electro-madness sound is somewhere between CSS and Crystal Castles. Remember when you first heard the cute, badly-pronounced lyrics of Lovefoxxx from CSS, mixed over a melody-mad chorus, tinged with the echo of Alice Glass’ vocals and Ethan Kath’s stripped down basics and you’re right on the button. The upbeat backdrops with sharp guitars and an 8-bit, ZX Spectrum keyboard accompaniment, makes you smile broadly. Totally irresistible.

Find them here:   Myspace


This two-piece from London came wafting by my ears when I located them on the fantastic website, Styleslut. Milo and Robbie also seem to pair up on occasion with a third member who plays the drums for them; the crazy but gorgeous Akiko Matsuura, from the bands Pre and Comanechi. The Big Pink seem to hark back to a day when Manchester sold us every album going. There’s definitely a Primal Scream flavour to them, which is a fantastic thing, but it drops the guitaring for a psychedelic bass rumble. It’s not too retro as they are definitely pushing that sound in a brilliant, modern direction. It’s almost more Chemical Brothers, were they to mash up ‘One Too Many Mornings’ with ‘Life is Sweet’. It’s totally enchanting and will have you hooked.


Find them here:     Myspace

Hear them here:    THE BIG PINK – TOO YOUNG TO LOVE

About time I did a post on this, following their Gig List posting. They describe themselves as secretive and so we don’t know what they look like or any specific info on them as people, apart from that they hail from New York, which leaves us the bare bones to pick over – the music. Thank fuck it’s this good then. An electric-pop sound, sometimes very danceable indeed, sometimes of a slower pace, flows behind the sexy, irresistible vocals. Singing this pure and lovely simply must be from a woman that I imagine to be stunningly beautiful! It’s like Division Kent or St.Etienne having the French DJ Danger jamming behind them. Light and gorgeous. Instantly loveable. The blogs – Big Stereo and Discodust – grabbed them first back in the summer, but as The Golden Filter turn up to play in my town of Brighton in the coming weeks it was time to turn my attention to them. I’m glad I did as it’s solid gold stuff.

Find them here:     Myspace

Hear them here:     THE GOLDEN FILTER – SOLID GOLD

Hope this helped shove a couple more fresh bands down your musical gullets. Return here for more lovingly plucked highlights from the world’s music real soon. Got the ‘Best Of 2008’  list being drafted as we speak, so that’s going to be ram-jammed full of lovelies.


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