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We are about to get not one but two white-hot record labels represented in town, as both Paris’ Kitsune and Frankie Chan‘s IHEARTCOMIX arrive to showcase bands at Concorde 2. You simply cannot afford to miss this!

REDLINE.jpg Red line picture by odelaybradford


On this particular section on The Recommender we scavenge our local city’s horizons to locate the best nights out that Brighton can offer. Within our vibrant music scene there are many good promoters, but none reappear on this blog more than the events that have one particular man involved. We always serve up two great nights out on this Gig List and this fella has somewhow managed to get a mention for both of his upcoming events. He goes by the name Henron and has a particularly impressive ability to book cutting edge acts. His latest adventure carries his new regular event, named Horsepower, to one of Brighton’s most successful mid-sized venues, Concorde 2. To kick this new night off he brings to town some truly amazing talent. First on, Recommender favourites, The Golden Filter, who have recently completed a Q&A with us here. Second on stage will be the mind-blowing showmanship of Chew Lips, Camden’s hottest talents, with the beautiful singer Tiggs and her signature energetic display and their adorable, synth-heavy, 8-bit tunes. Finishing the night off will be a DJ set by none other than the IHEARTCOMIX label’s Designer Drugs. In an unusual but fantastic twist, there will also be a discount rummage sale from the trendy fashion label, American Apparel, as well as other well known Brighton brands, set up in the corner. It doesn’t get much more hipster than this.

VENUE:                Concorde 2, Madeira Drive, Brighton
COST:                   £3.00
DATE:                   Thursday 1st October 2009
WEBSITES:          Chew Lips Myspace, The Golden Filter Website, Designer Drugs Myspace
TRACK:                 CHEW LIPS – SOLO ysi

REDLINE.jpg Red line picture by odelaybradford


Henron’s second event will be located at his normal underground scenester venue, New Hero. Here he showcases the Norwegian pop sensations that are Casiokids. A five piece that always get out of bed the right side it seems, so positively contagious is their energy. They have to be witnessed to be believed, as they bounce around the stage like a bunch of children, (were they supplied with nothing but McDonalds and Smarties for the previous month!). Constantly swapping instruments, blink and you will find the guy that was playing the piano is now playing the drums, whilst the drummer’s picked up a guitar! It’s their amazing ability to always give an outstanding performance, playing with such broad smiles, that always gets the crowd bouncing. For this they are worth their weight in gold, let alone the required £5. This will be their first return to Brighton since they played the Loop Festival a couple of months ago, so if you missed them on that occasion do not repeat the mistake! Henron has done it again and the place will be packed, so book your tickets as soon as you can. He always encourages a sense of abandonment in his home venue, with his nights always feeling like more of a college party than a club night. Prepare to be doing Casiokid congas around the dancefloor.

:                     CASIOKIDS
VENUE:                New Hero – Dyke Road, Brighton
COST:                  £5.00 adv / £6.00 on door
DATE:                  Friday 2nd October 2009
WEBSITE:            Myspace
TRACK:                CASIOKIDS – FINN BIKKJEN ysi

REDLINE.jpg Red line picture by odelaybradford

On a separate note, The Recommender is about to embark on a photo shoot with both Wave Machines and Lovelikefire this week, so look out for the results on our Flickr page real soon. Nice.



Got a couple of Brighton-flavoured talents on show for you today. Big things are very much anticipated as the local buzz is building like an Ann Summers store with a Duracell salesman in it…

REDLINE.jpg Red line picture by odelaybradford


We are a little over excited here at The Recommender, so we better make sure we don’t bubble over on this one. Here is a genuinely exciting two piece band, with one instrument between them – drums! However, banging said instrument is the ex-Maccabees Rob Dylan Thomas, so they arrive with credentials. What has us about to burst though is the massive talent that is the singer, Derek Meins, an eccentric, theatrical poet, but don’t let that put you off. He’s quite simply astonishing. If you want your frontmen to have bags of committed energy, a distinctive, original vocal and a style not seen from anyone in the last half century, then you have it here. Their live show is a mind blowing, rapid fire blast of nuclear proportions. He belts out sweaty, rocking, blues-bang vocals, squeezing everything possible out of his chest. Backing him up is the racing, broken, big beats that thunder on behind him. Empowering lyrics, “tell them there’s no time to wait anymore. Get ready!”, rally the crowd. For their bravery and originality alone they should be praised. It’s direct and guaranteed to shake you up, which is an amazing feat, with no guitars, no keyboards, or anything else, bar the odd sample. It’s stripped down to the bone, but able to rattle you raw in a way that will leave you inspired. Real talent and true songsmiths should be able to play without plugging anything in at all. Never before has an artist been so electrically charged without a plug in sight!   (MB)

Find him here:          Myspace

Hear them here:       THE AGITATOR – GET READY (ysi)

REDLINE.jpg Red line picture by odelaybradford


These next two listings share a certain amount of gloom that surrounds their sound. We mean the sort that’s born out of the kind of school Ian Curtis and Nick Cave are found teaching at. That’s no bad thing so long as you can hear the song behind the fog, the melody in the scary mist. Thankfully this four piece remove the boredom and the tedious noises that often came out of their early 80s influences. Even though they take their name from an old Bad Seeds track, they introduce a modern lift and certainly don’t take themselves quite so seriously as the other recent similar purveyors, such as Editors or Interpol. One single is already out on the Deadly People label, with both the A and B sides having a deathly subject matter. Both tracks successfully bring us a great example of the rumbling doom pop they cover so well, with Tobi’s vocals sounding so baritone it’s as if it’s been slowed down! It’s all backed up by delicate guitars, a sweeping, echoing synth and upbeat drumming that helps build the climactic tunes to bursting point. For music written with the lights switched off they certainly have a bright future, but you won’t find a smile between them. They are playing a part and it’s in this contrast that you realise they aren’t that serious after all, (nobody could really be this moody could they?), and that lifts it. A lesson missed by other pretenders to the post punk and nu wave revival.  (MB)

Find them here:       Myspace

Hear them here:       O.CHILDREN – DEAD EYE LOVER (ysi)

REDLINE.jpg Red line picture by odelaybradford


OK, so many bands seem to leech off of Joy Division these days it could seemingly become a genre all its own! For the extreme evidence of this just see the Russian band Motorama, which we blogged about here. Although Lyrebirds have much to owe Joy Division, there’s just as much to be paid to the likes of Echo & The Bunnymen and Interpol. However, we were invited to see them perform twice in recent weeks, including a charmingly confident show at their first ever headlined gig. Encouraging indeed. their frontman is a chip off the Richard Ashcroft block, with his tight leather jacket, lanky looks, confident swagger and intense, committed performance. This Brighton five piece are at a very early stage, but there’s already a giant buzz around town. Playing dark, brooding rock, they always seem to lift off as the songs middle out to a powerful chorus. There’s a great mixture of pace and patience from track to track, with a lot of talent on show in their pounding guitars, shaking drums and rumbling bass, (which incidentally is played by, ex-Kooks, Dan Logan). Nothing has been confirmed yet, but The Recommender is requesting a photoshoot with them, so we will let you know if that comes off. In the mean time you can see a couple of the photographs we took during these recent gigs at The Recommender’s Flickr page.    (MB)

IMG_8282CR2.jpg Lyrebirds picture by odelaybradford

Find them here:         Myspace

Hear them here:        LYREBIRDS – LOTUS (ysi)

REDLINE.jpg Red line picture by odelaybradford

Don’t panic, we haven’t gone all dark and miserable on you. Perhaps the music we’ve selected today is simply a reflection of the economic times we live in and we know that won’t last forever, so pop back soon for more cheery positivity in the turn around.



It’s been a while since I listed a Brighton band on here and being from the greatest of UK cities for new music it surprises me it’s taken this long between posts. Suffice to say, I am plumped up and encouraged to be able to list not one, but three Brighton-based recommendations on this post. The other weekend I found myself out on the piss with two of the below bands and for a group of people making such spiky, punked Indie music, they’re a actually a bunch of very lovely folk indeed. This Brighton-themed post will therefore be dedicated to Laura, Elliot, Tim and Andy…

Indie-Punk music should be an attitude right? Perhaps not anymore? Surely the guys playing it should be just as hard-edged as the music, right? Well not anymore. This 5-piece are all about allowing the music to be plenty sharp enough without all that necessary dicking around. Does anybody outside the NME office really enjoy all that Frank Carter abuse when the Gallows play? Most of these bands put the attitude first and quickly forget the music. Don’t get me wrong, Maths Class are plenty lively enough when you see their set, (although they’re still doing that thing where they rarely look up at the crowd whilst playing), but they are enjoying an ever-growing locker of fast-paced tuneage. As they peel out of town to play in Paris the buzz in Brighton increases. Like the band below, they play out a guitar set that involves rapid bass notes and a lead that’s all about the sharp riffing. We love it. Certainly at their best when they layer the vocals with Andy and Piers joining in. It’s an obvious comparison, but if you enjoy the Foals and Late Of The Pier, then you’ll enjoy these fella’s. We’ll be watching their rise closely…

Find them here:         Myspace

Hear them here:        MATHS CLASSNERVES     (ysi)

So this is the second of our Brighton highlights that I wanted to loyally dish the opinions on today. The speed and frenetic energy that these guys possess in their pacey Indie music is astonishingly bright. With Elliott on vocals I really don’t quite know how he riffs such up-the-neck guitar sounds whilst keeping one eye on fronting the singing. Add Laura’s superb guitaring stage left and the power soars. We walked into the room during a recent gig, they’d already begun, and we had one of those moments when the door opens and wham!! we received a slap in the face from the noise they generated – that’s what gigs are all about. Relentless, yet always enjoyable, with a strong chorus to whip you up, this 4-piece are bouncing around the circuits as if, well, their heels were indeed on fire. Catch them soon at the NME club night at Coalition, (…or wait for us here at The Recommender to remind you in an upcoming ‘Gig List’ posting…)

Find them here:        Myspace

Hear them here:       HEELS CATCH FIREA BRIGHT LIGHTS NOT WHITE     (ysi)

If a tour suporting Morrissey is a sign of good promise, then this band are well tipped for a huge 2009. The last of my Brighton highlights today, these guys and dolls are supplying us with an attractive soundscape. They play out a spellbinding variety of pace, with tunes sometimes a funky, slower rhythm that then float into the middle of a song, before splashing out into a brilliant, lively crash. Hannah, (or Doll if you want to get the set up), is on lead vocals and provides obvious comparisons to Kate Bush, ( – it seems this crops up in so many reviews of the recent batch of female singers – see Little Boots, or La Roux, or Marina & The Diamonds this year already – are we spotting a theme here!!), although I personally recognize more of Blondie in her.  Having met at Sussex University in Brighton they are already, just three years later, a shining light in the local scene. They seem to have set their sights on an album release in 2009, following their single release (see below) late last year, so look out for much exposure in the run up.

Find them here:        Myspace

Hear them here:      DOLL & THE KICKSROLL UP THE RED CARPET     (ysi)

It’s great to be part of a city that, outside London, shows off some of the best new bands on the scene. As we wade into the Spring and Summer festival circuit expect a batch of showcases from the above bands and no doubt plenty of new discoveries to add to the already exciting horizon.





We are blessed in Brighton with many new music festivals throughout the summer months. This winter however brings with it a fine selection of live sets to rank high among any you may have experienced yet this year. I’ve thrown my hand into this pot of cracking performances thats lined up and I’ve plucked out a couple of right charmers.


This world-class DJ / producer from Toronto, Canada, brings with him a reputation so sizeable, you’d be hard pushed to find a club big enough to suit him, let alone get his giant red ears through the doorway. His excellent live sets thankfully tend to veer more towards the Electro end of the dance spectrum, as opposed to the more minimalist-techno he often produces in the studio. A proper star in the ascendancy.

ACT:               DEADMAU5
VENUE:               DIGITAL, Kings Arches, Brighton
COST:                 £11
DATE:                 Thursday 23rd October 2008
WEBSITES:          Myspace

DEADMAU5 Live (in Denver)

Masters of geekdom. Lords of minimalist-dance-pop. This cheery, bouncy 5-piece are very well known to us all, with mucho Radio One airtime and giant singles and albums now under their belts. Their live sets are totally awesome. They share the type of chemistry on stage that always floods out to the crowd. You won’t know where to look. Release your inner geek.

ACT:               HOT CHIP
VENUE:               THE DOME, Brighton
COST:                 £17.50
DATE:                 Wednesday 5th November 2008
WEBSITES:          Myspace

HOT CHIPLive (@ Coachella)

Who cares if summer is over when you have a winter like this in store. Two brilliant nights out. Two world-class sets of guaranteed fun. I can’t wait. As always, let me know if you’re joining us?




Welcome home. Got a couple of sweet gigs to warm your cockles in this edition of THE GIG LIST. The summer may be over, (did it ever start?!), but the live circuit continues to buzz loudly around your pint.

The two venues involved are continuing to push out the coolest bands for us. It’s been tough times for venues in this city with the Barfly closing and the new Hippodrome struggling to get a start date for its inception. Not sure why this is as the other venues seem busy and regularly getting in the top acts. Survival of the fittest I guess. At least I’m doing my bit anyways…

We all know Ida by now. We all love her to bits. With Radio One play galore and many a slot on the festival circuit all summer long, she’s breezing into Brighton. Sexy, lively, cute, exciteable and Scandanavian, she ticks most boxes for me. With her hat tipped firmly towards super-catchy singalong pop tracks like ‘Better When You’re Naked’ her gig is bound to swing. Just pop your clothes in the cloakroom on your way in. That’s better…

ACT:                IDA MARIA
:                KOMEDIA, North Laines, Brighton
COST:                  £8
DATE:                  18th November 2008 @ 8pm 
WEBSITE:             Myspace

I saw these guys live at the NME tour earlier in the year. They totally kick it! When they’re lively they’ll have the room bouncing off the walls. When they slow it down its all wistful beauty. Either way I love it! Frontman Ed MacFarlane is all you want as a focal point on stage, but the real gem is the lead guitarist. The appropriately named Ed Gibson is truly outstanding. He’s very remeniscent of Johnny Greenwood, of Radiohead fame, and that’s not something to say lightly. Ed even played his guitar with a Dust-buster at one point. Original, interesting and tuneful, I cannot wait for them to return to us in what is a very personal and close-up venue.

ACT:                    FRIENDLY FIRES
VENUE:                AUDIO, 10 Marine Parade, Brighton
COST:                  £ tbc
DATE:                  6th October 2008
WEBSITES:           Myspace

I’ve already got another GIG LIST to post, but I’m just trying to stick to my two-listings-per-post rule. Who makes these bloody rules anyway! Whilst I grapple with myself in third-person, you just have to make sure you return real soon for more selected Brighton highlights. Woo hoo!




Welcome back you Brighton scenesters you. With arms open wide I’m back with The Gig List 5 to embrace your ears in a loving clutch. Two sweet sets for you this time. Enjoy…

I’m still frothing at the mouth for the upcoming ‘Loop Festival’ in August, so this edition is going to once again give it a mention (I know I’ve covered it in The Gig List 4, but I got more to point out…). I want to select one particular highlight I didn’t mention before.

I will also be pointing you towards the ‘At Home By The Sea’ festival, showcasing indie bands at our beloved Concorde 2 venue over 2 days in August. Once again I want to highlight another band amongst the lineup that I think will be well worth a pop.

STYLESLUTS – This is (another) cracking music and culture blog created by a bunch of cooler-than-cool writers. Generally it’s found to be consistently waaaaaay ahead of the fashion and trends in the UK and around the world. It’s been live since 2005 and is the kind of blog I aspire to. Aren’t I kind. Their big-wig editor, Donald Crunk, occassionally takes the blog to the real world in the form of club nights and parties to die for. This is where The Gig List 5 comes in. Amongst the after-parties being thrown once The Loop Festival finishes, Stylsluts are going to be found in The Ocean Rooms. Be there or you aren’t as cool as you think you are!!

ACT:                    STYLESLUTS
VENUE:                THE OCEAN ROOMS, (after Loop Festival)
COST:                  £10
DATE:                  16th August 2008 @ 11pm – 8am
WEBSITES:     or

SHOUT OUT LOUDS – OK so there is another festival of music coming up and its found at Concorde 2, Brighton (what a ram-jammed summer feast of music we get in our beloved city – wow!). Amongst other acts such as Hot Club De Paris and Wild Beasts you will find Shout Out Louds. If you don’t know them already, they are a Swedish 5-piece with lovely, swirling melodies and packed-out indie charm. Soon to release single, ‘Impossible’ from their second album, ‘Our Ills Wills’. Go pogo, swing, nod, foot-tap and enjoy doing whatever you do at these gigs…

ACT:                    SHOUT OUT LOUDS
VENUE:                CONCORDE 2
COST:                  £10 (one day) or £15 (two days)
DATE:                  Saturday 9th August
WEBSITES:    (or see Concorde 2 site for full festival details)

I hope this helps sort out at least one eveing of fun through August for you. Keep coming back to see whats coming up next in Brighton and around. I’m off to sort you out the next Recommender, Number 6. It’s going to be all about the Los Angeles scene, coz quite frankly I wish I lived there right now. If Brighton wasn’t sooooo fucking awesome – obviously!

We’ll meet again some sunny day…




It’s been a few weeks, so sorry for the delay, but it’s…well…tough shit, and quite frankly I got a whole load of sweet and magical posts to swing by your ears so you are soon going to luuurve me for forever, so sit back, read away and click, upload and prepare to watch me fly…

With this Gig List I’m gonna focus solely on the upcoming LOOP FESTIVAL based in Brighton’s busy centre on 16th August. What a totally super-sweet line up it’s forged for this year. After last years success this is now an annual event and the set up is going from strength to strength. In a city known for its new music scenester festivals and particularly for breaking acts, Loop stands tall.

Amongst others, this year holds up; New Young Pony Club, The Bays, Caged Baby, , Primary One, Transformers and the fantastically named Holy Fuck. Nice!

However, I’m blowing my top over the following two awesome bands…CUT COPY and THE SHOES. Both are right up there with the best in both cracking tunes and blinding live sets.  Brightons going to swing until it goes boom!

CUT COPY – As tasty as Indie-Dance gets quite frankly. If you wanna know more then I’ve already posted about them below in The Recommender Number 3, so go have a look-see. Inspiring acts such as The Presets and Midnight Juggernauts they can do no wrong in my books – woo, and indeed, hoo!!

ACT:                     CUT COPY
COST:                   £25  (£32 for after-party club access)
DATE:                   16th August 2008

THE SHOES – Woah Nelly!!!! These guys are freeeeekin awesomeness personified. Totally on the button if you ask me. Another French Duo punching you with rocked-out electro beats, but before you go ranting about Justice and Daft Punk, you really need to consider this crew. I’ve been so impressed by them I simply cannot resist giving them a slot on The Recommender Number 5 (Due up real soon…), so learn more about them then.

                     THE SHOES
COST:                   £25  (£32 for after-party club access)
DATE:                   16th August 2008

OK I got soooo much to post I’m bursting at the seam so I’m going to leave it there, except to say that The Presets were amazing at Digital the other day, so I hope you were there to enjoy it too. If not, then what ya doing!!!? Shoulda listened to your old faithful ‘Gig List’ eh!!!?

I sincerely hope you do this time as LOOP FESTIVAL is going to be totally buzzing.

Until the next time ladies and fellas…


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