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We are still buzzing after our last impressive show headlined by Velo. Those guys have all the ingredients to be huge.  :Kinema:‘s support was the perfect match too and it’s good to see they’ve got onto The Guardian’s ‘New Band Of The Day‘ listing since.  We hope Velo will return to play our planned showcase at The Great Escape Festival in May.  More details to follow on that one in due course…

Looking ahead to our next show, we will obviously bring back the amazing Eleni Mettyear and her photobooth, which is creating it’s own reputation amongst the crowds, so make sure you look gorgeous.  The legendary Recommender Mixtape, (4th edition), will be ready and handed out in gift packs, alongside our badges (seeing them on lapels all around town now!) and stickers, amongst other items.  See the mixtape mp3 listed below that was handed out at our last party.  Lastly we will be providing some amazing music to help make our first Saturday night go with bang, no, make that a BOOM!


TinyRedLineForBlog.jpg picture by odelaybradford

Artwork | 'The Sleep Tape' by The High Wire (image by Louisa Mair) | The High Wire

THE HIGH WIRE – First up on tonight’s showcase will be this London trio who make utterly astonishing, angelic pop music.  Having released their debut album, The Sleep Tape, earlier this very month, we know that we can expect a set packed with extraordinary songs.  Come see them live and we promise you will get as convinced as we are that this is a very special band.

TinyRedLineForBlog.jpg picture by odelaybradford

My Photos | | Foreign Office

FOREIGN OFFICE – Feel the evening change gear as this quad of fantastic songsmiths arrive to play the last gig prior to the launch of their single, Leaving The House (29th March). It’s as strong as any indie track we’ve heard in recent times and the buzz is building up. They’ve recently supported other Recommender favourites, such as Wave Machines, O.Children and our headliners for April, Wild Palms. Watch it hit fever pitch as these upbeat melody makers storm our party.

TinyRedLineForBlog.jpg picture by odelaybradford

casiokids-final.jpg picture by odelaybradford

CASIOKIDS (DJ SET) – If you know about the Casiokids then you know how expert they are at whipping the crowd into a frenzy, so we expect no less from their DJ sets. However, if you don’t know the Casiokids (!?) then prepare yourself to witness the dancefloor taking off. They return from their recent supporting tour of Hot Chip and a successful SXSW Festival in the USA. There really couldn’t be a better way to enjoy a Saturday night.

TinyRedLineForBlog.jpg picture by odelaybradford


BATTERY POWERED DJs – Our resident DJs will round off the evening, playing tracks exclusively from the blog, so expect cutting edge, razor sharp selections. If you want to know what tunes you should be listening to this year then check out this set from Brighton’s scenester DJs.

TinyRedLineForBlog.jpg picture by odelaybradford

Tickets are available from Ape, Resident and Rounder Records. If you can’t get to the shops in person, simply phone them up and ask them to put a ticket on the door for you and they’ve agreed to help. It’s only £4 advance and £6 on the door for access to all of the above amazing entertainment, as we seriously don’t want anyone missing out on the action. This is a night gathering some serious buzz around Brighton, so come see what the fuss is all about…



We are about to get not one but two white-hot record labels represented in town, as both Paris’ Kitsune and Frankie Chan‘s IHEARTCOMIX arrive to showcase bands at Concorde 2. You simply cannot afford to miss this!

REDLINE.jpg Red line picture by odelaybradford


On this particular section on The Recommender we scavenge our local city’s horizons to locate the best nights out that Brighton can offer. Within our vibrant music scene there are many good promoters, but none reappear on this blog more than the events that have one particular man involved. We always serve up two great nights out on this Gig List and this fella has somewhow managed to get a mention for both of his upcoming events. He goes by the name Henron and has a particularly impressive ability to book cutting edge acts. His latest adventure carries his new regular event, named Horsepower, to one of Brighton’s most successful mid-sized venues, Concorde 2. To kick this new night off he brings to town some truly amazing talent. First on, Recommender favourites, The Golden Filter, who have recently completed a Q&A with us here. Second on stage will be the mind-blowing showmanship of Chew Lips, Camden’s hottest talents, with the beautiful singer Tiggs and her signature energetic display and their adorable, synth-heavy, 8-bit tunes. Finishing the night off will be a DJ set by none other than the IHEARTCOMIX label’s Designer Drugs. In an unusual but fantastic twist, there will also be a discount rummage sale from the trendy fashion label, American Apparel, as well as other well known Brighton brands, set up in the corner. It doesn’t get much more hipster than this.

VENUE:                Concorde 2, Madeira Drive, Brighton
COST:                   £3.00
DATE:                   Thursday 1st October 2009
WEBSITES:          Chew Lips Myspace, The Golden Filter Website, Designer Drugs Myspace
TRACK:                 CHEW LIPS – SOLO ysi

REDLINE.jpg Red line picture by odelaybradford


Henron’s second event will be located at his normal underground scenester venue, New Hero. Here he showcases the Norwegian pop sensations that are Casiokids. A five piece that always get out of bed the right side it seems, so positively contagious is their energy. They have to be witnessed to be believed, as they bounce around the stage like a bunch of children, (were they supplied with nothing but McDonalds and Smarties for the previous month!). Constantly swapping instruments, blink and you will find the guy that was playing the piano is now playing the drums, whilst the drummer’s picked up a guitar! It’s their amazing ability to always give an outstanding performance, playing with such broad smiles, that always gets the crowd bouncing. For this they are worth their weight in gold, let alone the required £5. This will be their first return to Brighton since they played the Loop Festival a couple of months ago, so if you missed them on that occasion do not repeat the mistake! Henron has done it again and the place will be packed, so book your tickets as soon as you can. He always encourages a sense of abandonment in his home venue, with his nights always feeling like more of a college party than a club night. Prepare to be doing Casiokid congas around the dancefloor.

:                     CASIOKIDS
VENUE:                New Hero – Dyke Road, Brighton
COST:                  £5.00 adv / £6.00 on door
DATE:                  Friday 2nd October 2009
WEBSITE:            Myspace
TRACK:                CASIOKIDS – FINN BIKKJEN ysi

REDLINE.jpg Red line picture by odelaybradford

On a separate note, The Recommender is about to embark on a photo shoot with both Wave Machines and Lovelikefire this week, so look out for the results on our Flickr page real soon. Nice.



Wow! What a response we had to that last post about The Twelves remixes. You turned up in your droves for that one. Thanks! Hope you enjoyed it. Now it’s back to the traditional section, showcasing a handful of bands that get our Recommender tick of approval.


This four piece have been busily touring, remixing and, when they get the chance, actually releasing their own records, such as the wry and infectious ‘Faites Les Jeux’, (listed below). It’s a wonderful synth driven lament to lost love via the gambling tables of Monte Carlo. Over the last year vocalist Hannah and knob twiddler Alex have supported the likes of Disco Drive, The Ting Tings and The Whip as well as remixing tracks for Metronomy and Empire Of The Sun; not bad for this Manchester crew who only started off in their bedroom making music for fun. If you are bored with the current drip fed girl-fronted electro pop then these guys are a welcome breath of fresh air with their grounded and witty commentaries set to a backdrop of cut up instruments and edgy, twitchy electronic beats in the vain of Thecocknbullkid. The split EP with fellow label mates Friends Of The Bride is out now on Brainlove Records. (DV)

Find them here:         Myspace

Hear them here:        MODERNAIRE – FAITES LES JEUX (ysi)


These guys come packed with such a sunny disposition that party-starting seems to be precisely what they were born to do. Already known in most indie circles, this Scandanavian five piece have been omitted by The Recommender to date. To be honest, we thought we had covered them ages ago, but it turns out they somehow slipped by. We’ve mentioned them in our ‘Gig List’ sections here and here, but never given them the honour of a full blown Recommender! Following the recent Brighton Loop Festival performance that stole our hearts, we got to meet up with a couple of them to show our thanks and found them to be delightfully engaging. Their live shows are a joy to behold, with their Hot Chip-like playfulness. They dance back and forth and clearly seem happiest when playing on stage with each other. It’s truly contagious entertainment, as you watch them swap instruments with every song, including the drums! Skipping through their world of electro pop melodies, upbeat analogue synths and a circus of dance, they often go on lengthy instrumentals and when they add vocals it’s often sung in their native Norwegian language. They released their single, Finn Bikkjen, (added below), this week, on the Moshi Moshi label. (MB)

Find them here:         Myspace

Hear them here:        CASIOKIDS – FINN BIKKJEN! (ysi)
Hear them here:        CASIOKIDS – FOT I HOSE (ysi)


There’s an obvious comparison to fellow Canadians Arcade Fire here, as there seems to be with many bands over the last few years, chasing that same global success! It’s no bad thing and is even more understandable seeing as the singer, Marcus Paquin, worked as a recording engineer for Arcade Fire in a previous life. It’s more specifically his vocals that bring about the comparisons. However, when checking out the melodies and song structures you will locate a stronger influence from the likes of Wilco, or more recently Local Natives, or possibly the track Islands by New Numbers, which we blogged about here. Often found behind their melodies is a towering, echoing guitar, including an excellent bit of bottle-necking on track Caught In Your glow, adding a wintery scene to the delicate beauty found on each and every song. We hand you the slightly lighter tune, Ghosts, below. Their music is involving, it’s thoughtful, it’s emotional and it’s brave. Their self-titled debut album, released on Last Gang Records, is due out in Canada on September 22nd 2009. (MB)

Find them here:          Myspace

Hear them here:         SILVER STARLING – GHOSTS (ysi)

We are planning a few changes here at The Recommender, to smarten up the blog and allow us a little more freedom in it’s design, layout and features. The content will remain the same however, so no worries there. Ultimately the plan is to expand your Recommender experience  All will be revealed in due course. Thanks for sticking with us…




As the UK festival season gets into full swing and the likes of  the giant events, (Glastonbury, V Festival, Bestival, Reading/Leeds and T In The Park etc), take all the limelight and national coverage, we are pleased as punch to be sneaking some of the better and quite frankly cooler and smaller festivals into our plucky town of Brighton.

With the Loop Festival now in it’s 3rd year, what it may lack in size, it more than makes up for in quality and fresh originality. The line up gets stronger every year and we are pleased to associate The Recommender blog ever closer, as we know the organisers personally and we see first hand how they make such a massive effort.

The least we can do is list below our selected highlights from the long list of amazing acts that are on show. A handful of tickets, at a variety of rates to suit your budget, are still available here.

FEVER RAY Triangle Walks (ysi)
ESSERWork It Out (The Shoes Remix)       (ysi)
DATAROCKI Used To Dance With My Daddy (ysi)
WE HAVE BANDTime After Time (ysi)
FANFARLOI’m A Pilot (ysi)
THE INVISIBLELondon Girl (ysi)
THE XXCrystalised (ysi)
CASIOKIDSFot I Hose (ysi)
MIRRORSLook At Me (ysi)

As a side note, the band Mirrors have agreed in principal to do an interview with us in the run up to their show at Loop, so as a returned thanks we perhaps should suggest that you see them at the festival above all else. They’re an amazing spectacle, so you won’t be disappointed. See you there. Have an awesome time.



We love our home city of Brighton, really we do. Here on The Recommender, we mostly cover music from any of the global scene’s around, but on occasion we have the chance to look no further than our pebble-covered shoreline to locate the buzz of exciting new music. And so it’s with a slightly different edition of The Gig List today that we proudly bring you…


That buzz is currently at ear-splitting levels with the recent announcement of the line ups and dates of our annual new music festival. Rightly touted as the UK’s version of the famous American SXSWFestival, with over 300 (mainly) new bands and acts. It runs over 3 days and at 34 venues across Brighton.  

We’ve perused the lengthy listings and taken it upon ourselves to point out what we think are the worthwhile highlights and we’ve been kind enough to include a little mp3 so you can hear them for yourselves. Aren’t we the helpful ones…


Kasabian.jpg kasabian picture by Mark18_2008   

An Experiment On A Bird In An Air Pump – Lights Out        (ysi)

The Big Pink – Too Young To Love       (ysi)

Fan Death – Veronica’s Veil       (ysi)

Casiokids – Fot I Hose       (ysi)

Dan Black – HYPNTZ       (ysi)

The Joy FormidableWhirring       (ysi)

KasabianClub Foot       (ysi)

Kissy Sell OutNightswimming(Kissy Remix)       (ysi)

Little BootsStuck On Repeat       (ysi)

MetronomyHeartbreaker (Kris Menace Remix)       (ysi)

Micachu & The ShapesThe Golden Phone        (ysi)

The MaccabeesNo Kind Words        (ysi)

Passion PitSleepyhead       (ysi)

The Temper TrapSweet Disposition       (ysi)

V V BrownCrying Blood       (ysi)

We Were Promised JetpacksShips With Holes Will Sink       (ysi)

:                  £ 39.50  (allows access to all venues, subject to capacity)
DATES:                 14th, 15th and 16th May 2009

This annual city-wide party is just what the doctor ordered after a long winter. A festival that is growing in stature year on year, it is now rightly claimed as Europe’s leading festival for new music. Could it be any better for a Brighton-based new music blog like ours. We love our city of Brighton, really we do…


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