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Yeah Christmas is a great laugh, and it’s a welcome holiday break as the winter kicks into full swing, but for live gigs its a bit sparse. During this period there’s been plenty of club action, especially over the New Year celebrations, but nothing of any outstanding note. So it’s with a welcome note that we swing into 2009 with a fresh look ahead to what the town of Brighton brings us. Being one of the finest towns in the UK for new music, particularly Spring and Summer when it really gets into it’s major party mood with mucho festivals and circuits going on.

You don’t even have to look beyond January to catch one of the hottest artists that’s in true blog-ascendancy at the moment. We’ve already posted about her back in The Recommender 17, but as with all artists there’s nothing quite like seeing them up close and personal. And it doesn’t get much closer and more personal than at the New Hero club. Once again Henry’s excelled himself with his ability to catch onto the UK’s pop zeitgeist by booking up an artist so hot it’s being advised you wear your non-flammable undies. La Roux follows a long list of attractive, fresh pioneering acts to New Hero, such as Little Boots, or Surkin, or The Golden Filter, to name just three of many, many amazing performers in recent months. Get down there to witness the truly talented electropop sensation, with her unique style, vocals and sound, before she heads on to a larger tour nationwide supporting Lilly Allen.

ACT:                      LA ROUX 
VENUE:                 NEW HERO, Lower Dyke Road, Brighton
COST:                  £ 6.50
DATE:                   Friday 30th January 2009
WEBSITE:            Myspace

This band has been around since 2000 and it is with their 9th album, Merriweather Post Pavilion, due out next week, that they seem to be gathering attention once again in the blog world. With a boat packed ram-jammed full of blog hype, they floated over our horizon and into view. At first listen you won’t be sure of the hype, with a mixed bag of sounds. Part psychedelic pop, part mashed up soundscape, their songs always seem to start out like a crash of randomness, but then out of the bleeps comes a beat and a tune that builds up to a formula that then works. Like the weirder side of any Super Furry Animals song, or if you like MGMT’s left-field side and you take to anything that’s experimenting changing the face of things, rather than following anything else, then this Baltimore 4-piece should tick your box. Gigs around the release of a new album always seem to get an extra 10% out of the band in my experience, so catch them while they are burning bright.

ACT:                     ANIMAL COLLECTIVE 
VENUE:                CONCORDE 2, Marine Parade, Brighton Beach
COST:                  £ 7.00
DATE:                   Thursday 15th January 2009
WEBSITE:            Myspace

We are already getting hints and whispers about the upcoming artists getting booked up for some of Brighton’s excellent, (and numerous), Spring and Summer festivals, so plenty more will soon arrive on this Gig List, so make sure you head back here when you can.





Here’s another Gig List for you lovely people. Got a couple of nights out at one of Brighton’s best venues: Concorde 2. This mid-sized venue, that’s operated in Brighton for many years, often plays host to some of the best acts that have floated through town. Although I’m only posting about two gigs, there’s actually seven bands on show, all of which are looking white hot. 

We like The Whip very much here at The Recommender. They just about manage to tick all the boxes – great basslines that move your feet for you, a cooler-than-cool swagger to their tunes, a fashionable attire, electro squiggles throughout etc etc. They’re a brilliant example of Electro-Indie, where so many bands have fallen short before them. It’s music you can really dance to – with lyrics. A great combo. Hailing from Manchester, this 4-piece are well worth an evening out. They hit our beloved Concorde 2 venue with some of the finest support slots I’ve seen in ages. Namely; Pnau and Transformer. Get there soon enough to catch them all and you will get one hell of a lovely earful. Aren’t we the lucky ones!?

ACT:                    THE WHIP
VENUE:                CONCORDE 2, Brighton
COST:                  £ 8.50
DATE:                  Tuesday 18th November 2008
WEBSITES:           Myspace

Arguably THE finest record label in the entire world (OK, OK, please don’t bash my message box too much about Modular, Ed Banger and everybody else…). As well as being a Parisian boutique fashion brand, this Kitsune label have released on thier books the likes of DigitalismFox & Wolf, Autokratz and Simian Mobile Disco, amongst many others. They regularly provide us with their famous compilation albums, (they’re now on number 6), with tracks from artists that encompass the melodic electro that the label so often pursues. These albums often become taste-makers for the global scene. They kick off a tour to back up the latest album’s launch, with the likes of Autokratz, Punks Jump Up, Beni and the fantastic Heartsrevolution on show. It really doesn’t get a lot better than that for a night out. Check out the label, fall in love with the artists, and definitely get your ass down to Concorde 2 for this gig.

VENUE:              CONCORDE 2
COST:                £ 5.00   (Free before 11:30pm)
DATE:                Thursday 20th November 2008
WEBSITES:         Kitsune @

OK, so thats two separate evenings, in one week, at one venue, in one town – What a great example of how fine Brighton is for live music. See you there…




Like a very, very sharp pointy thing, I’m angling my finger firmly towards a couple of upcoming musical gigs for your foot-stomping leisure. As usual, it’s just the info – you get the tickets, you get the cab and you most definitely get to enjoy them enormously. I thank you…

LADYHAWKE– This New Zealand songstress has been blogged about so much you would be forgiven for thinking she was born in a computer! Take it from me though, she is well worthy of a couple of your hard-earned guineas. I too, although somewhat late, will be blogging more about her in the upcoming RECOMMENDER 8 to add to the endless scribblings, so I’ll elaborate more then. If what you like are the sing-along, repetitive Ting Tings choruses, flirting outrageously with your Midnight Juggernauts casio thump, then this gig should definitely be one you should attend. Think upbeat, 80’s-heavy, power-pop, full of classy synth-tastic loveliness and you will no doubt enjoy tapping your feet to this with knowing approval.

ACT:                    LADYHAWKE
VENUE:                KOMEDIA
COST:                  £ 7.50
DATE:                  Tuesday 30th September 2008

NOAH AND THE WHALE– Delightfully shiny and packed full of smiles and sunny summerness, this London 5-piece, ( – when also containing the well known Laura Marling on backing vocals!), wave anti-folk pop past you on a breeze of perfumed excellence. From their single, ‘5 years time’, gettting mucho airtime on all radio stations, to the remainder of what proves to be a brilliantly consistent album, this bunch will be an uplifting live set. Lots of brass, lots of strings and accoustic melodies. Think Arcade Fire minus the religious penetration, or perhaps Patrick Wolf minus the wacky outfits and your in the ball park. It’s such a summer thing will it feel the same in November when they hit the city of Brighton!? Only one way to tell…

ACT:                    NOAH AND THE WHALE
VENUE:                CONCORDE 2
COST:                  £ 8.50
DATE:                  Friday 7th November 2008

That should definitely give you a couple of outings post-summertime. Tickets are up now, so don’t hold back, because they’ll definitely go quickly!

I’m now leaving the house to go enjoy Loop Festival in town (circa GIG LIST 4), so hope to catch you there.

See back here for RECOMMENDER 8, which will be posted up very soon…



Welcome back you Brighton scenesters you. With arms open wide I’m back with The Gig List 5 to embrace your ears in a loving clutch. Two sweet sets for you this time. Enjoy…

I’m still frothing at the mouth for the upcoming ‘Loop Festival’ in August, so this edition is going to once again give it a mention (I know I’ve covered it in The Gig List 4, but I got more to point out…). I want to select one particular highlight I didn’t mention before.

I will also be pointing you towards the ‘At Home By The Sea’ festival, showcasing indie bands at our beloved Concorde 2 venue over 2 days in August. Once again I want to highlight another band amongst the lineup that I think will be well worth a pop.

STYLESLUTS – This is (another) cracking music and culture blog created by a bunch of cooler-than-cool writers. Generally it’s found to be consistently waaaaaay ahead of the fashion and trends in the UK and around the world. It’s been live since 2005 and is the kind of blog I aspire to. Aren’t I kind. Their big-wig editor, Donald Crunk, occassionally takes the blog to the real world in the form of club nights and parties to die for. This is where The Gig List 5 comes in. Amongst the after-parties being thrown once The Loop Festival finishes, Stylsluts are going to be found in The Ocean Rooms. Be there or you aren’t as cool as you think you are!!

ACT:                    STYLESLUTS
VENUE:                THE OCEAN ROOMS, (after Loop Festival)
COST:                  £10
DATE:                  16th August 2008 @ 11pm – 8am
WEBSITES:     or

SHOUT OUT LOUDS – OK so there is another festival of music coming up and its found at Concorde 2, Brighton (what a ram-jammed summer feast of music we get in our beloved city – wow!). Amongst other acts such as Hot Club De Paris and Wild Beasts you will find Shout Out Louds. If you don’t know them already, they are a Swedish 5-piece with lovely, swirling melodies and packed-out indie charm. Soon to release single, ‘Impossible’ from their second album, ‘Our Ills Wills’. Go pogo, swing, nod, foot-tap and enjoy doing whatever you do at these gigs…

ACT:                    SHOUT OUT LOUDS
VENUE:                CONCORDE 2
COST:                  £10 (one day) or £15 (two days)
DATE:                  Saturday 9th August
WEBSITES:    (or see Concorde 2 site for full festival details)

I hope this helps sort out at least one eveing of fun through August for you. Keep coming back to see whats coming up next in Brighton and around. I’m off to sort you out the next Recommender, Number 6. It’s going to be all about the Los Angeles scene, coz quite frankly I wish I lived there right now. If Brighton wasn’t sooooo fucking awesome – obviously!

We’ll meet again some sunny day…


THE GIG LIST – Number 1


Hi Everyone

OK here is the first ever edition of ‘THE GIG LIST’ on my blog. The aim of this is to simply point out a couple of upcoming gigs, local to Brighton, that I believe will be well worth your investigation.

The rest is over to you – Check out the bands, locate the tickets, get to the venue, etc. My aim is only to make you better informed. Nice.

This week I’m pointing out two gigs that should prove to be outstanding.

The first is a pair of giants in the dance industry and kings of the remix –SOULWAX, or as some of you may also know them – 2 MANY DJs. The Belgium duo have been experimenting and chopping up dance floors like nobody else across the world for years now. Thank your lucky stars you have a new opportunity to see them once again in Brighton…

ACT:                        SOULWAX / 2 MANY DJs
VENUE:                   Concorde 2
COST:                      £ 17.00
DATE:                      Wednesday 23rd April 2008

The second gig is an NME promotion coming to our town. It is part of their ‘New Noise Tour’. This Brighton leg involves four upcoming bands, one of which is the Toronto two-piece, CRYSTAL CASTLES, a fantastically brilliant electro-punk outfit. Another on the bill I am particularly fond of is new indie band, FRIENDLY FIRES. Well worth a few pounds of your money.

EVENT:                    NME New Noise Tour
VENUE:                   Concorde 2
COST:                      £ 9.00
DATE:                      Monday 5th May 2008

I hope this helps fill at least one night out for you, (if not two!). Remember, I’m always interested to hear if you are joining us.

If you’re really keen on finding out more about my musical tastes and recommendations, then please go to :

Until the next time,

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