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Thanks to all those readers/subscribers from the USA for responding to our requests for a new contributor to this blog. The gates are still open as we review the efforts. No decisions will be made for a few weeks yet, so if you haven’t yet let us know your interest then email us at – Good luck…

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Making waves are precisely what this Liverpool 4-piece are currently doing. The vertiable tsunami they travel with swiftly crashed into Brighton’s shoreline recently as they were playing a support slot for the excellent We Have Band. We went along to catch the show and what a shockingly fantastic set it turned out to be! So often the support acts are found playing to an empty room with little atmosphere and are uncomfortably positioned as fluffers to the main act. Well not in this case. They stood tall and had us mesmerised from the very start. Having met up with them afterwards, mainly to thank them and to extol just what an impression they had made on us, we can confirm they are friendly, enjoyable fellas in person too. Their sound is totally addictive. On track ‘Keep The Lights On‘ you will find them switching from verses sung with the hope removed “Leave and lead yourself astray, tell yourself that everythings OK“, to choruses that are sung with a beautiful higher pitch and a shift in optimism “If I get up I’ll hold your hand“. It has the chopping changes that you would locate in a Beck tune, the breezy, under-your-skin cinematic quality of Roxy Music, and a little Lo-Fi Funk that Prince would embrace! This is one wave you definitely have to catch…

Find them here:         Myspace

Hear them here :       WAVE MACHINES – KEEP THE LIGHTS ON (ysi)

REDLINE.jpg Red line picture by odelaybradford


This London 4-piece come packaged with an awesome energy, but be warned it’s like being lured into a dark alley by Fagan, but should you fall for the spell you will find that you are well rewarded. Described as Alternative-Garage-Folk goes part of the way when explaining their sound, but they really aren’t quite like anything you already know. If you ever wondered what Jack White from The White Stripes would be like if he joined The Pogues then check them out. The real star of the show here is frontman James, who bounces about their live shows like a coiled spring that’s waited one hundred years to be released. He is a talented guitarist and stylish wordsmith, story telling each song in a gypsy dance. It’s a little Gogol Bordello to watch, without the unnecessary madness and terrible clothing. There’s harmonicas, rumbling drums, a chanting rhythmic bass and even a Kazzoo on tracks like ‘The Ransom’. Now that’s brave. It all works though and is a loose and refreshingly wild construction, which perhaps becomes more loveable when seen live. We also list a video of frontman James playing a fun, impromptu song of theirs in a room in their rehearsal flat, with additional vocals from the excellent frontwoman, Tigs, from the band Chew Lips (who we blogged about previously here). Enjoy.

Find them here:       Myspace

Here them here:      THE BRUTE CHORUS – THE CUCKOO AND THE STOLEN HEART (ft TIGS)       (ysi)

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If you find this Brooklyn pair not to your liking then you simply aren’t in touch with your inner-child anymore. They’re now two albums in, following their second release, ‘Grand‘, back in January 2009. They manage to produce a simple, foot-tapping sound that teens across the globe have subsequently embraced en masse. It’s lively and packed full of fun. Kim Schifino rattles the drums, whilst Matt Johnson leads the vocals and bouncing keyboards. It’s a little wild and untamed, but all the more amicable for it’s loose, catchy goodness that never takes itself too seriously.  Originally releasing their debut material through the super-cool Iheartcomix label, owned by none other than Franki Chan, they are now located on the Fader label. Their DIY approach to their music and the wide use of social networking sites, makes them a true band for the Noughties and all the more approachable for it. We are also linking their amazing, but totally shocking video (in more ways than one – you have to watch it right to the very end!) to the tune ‘Lessons Learned‘.

Find them here:        Myspace

Hear them here:       MATT & KIM – LESSONS LEARNED (ysi)

REDLINE.jpg Red line picture by odelaybradford

So that’s it for another edition. A right mix of sounds and tastes as always. Let us know any thoughts, reactions, messages or useful links in the comments section.



Theme-time once more people. Got a guy so freaking cool, he’s built up an enormously brilliant record label ram-jammed with some of the best bands and scenesters known to the blog world. This Recommender is going to be all about him and those acts he has so lovingly shared with us over recent years.

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you FRANKI CHAN and the IHEARTCOMIX record label…

Search online and you will find an abundance of mp3’s, info and links with Franki Chan’s name sprawled all over them. Amongst many others his IHEARTCOMIX label has accrued acts such as: HEARTSREVOLUTION, Toxic Avenger, Ocelot, Totally Michael, Matt & Kim and Acid Girls. Super-cool!!!! They claim to be “dedicated to challenging the music industry standards by embracing the ever evolving sound of our generation“. Perfect if you ask me…

The label also comes in other successful guises – as a radio show, a website, an event promoter, a world-class blog, an online clothing store and an online tv show, making them one of the best party crews in existence.

But I actually want to speak a little about the man.


This is a fantastic story of an underdog. Moving to Los Angeles, California from his home in Indiana, Franki quickly set out to penetrate the vibrant local music scene.

Joining up with the famous Steve Aoki, of Dim Mak Records fame, (see The Recommender 6 in the archives…), they ran an event on Tuesdays at the well-known Cinespace nightclub.

Sadly, after a period of success, it blew up in Franki’s face, (perhaps self-inflicted?), forcing an acrimonious and bitter split between them both. Steve Aoki, coming from the wealthy background, with the famous acting family and roots in LA, did his best to suppress Franki it seems, but our man persevered, regrouped and developed the IHEARTCOMIX label into the success it is today.

Not satisfied with a simple label to take up his time, he is also a talented illustrator with a comic book obsession, a musician, a DJ and is even sometimes found behind the drums for HEARTSREVOLUTION. What about sleep!!?? Not for this guy.

So this Recommender is for you Franki. The two bands below are on his label. Enjoy…

REDLINE.jpg Red line picture by odelaybradford


Boy / Girl combo – CHECK! Fashionable and goodlooking – CHECK! New York, Tokyo, LA and Paris heritage – CHECK! Cooler than cool punk-electro tunes – CHECK! As I’ve previously mentioned in GIG LIST 8 (see archives…), this tasty cute couple, also known as Ben & Lo, are bouncing all over the world in the upcoming IHEARTCOMIX tour, supporting the fantastic Midnight Juggernauts (in the UK). Like a more listenable Crystal Castles, these scenesters are shaking just about everything shakeable. Over in the States, these guys are well known for throwing parties out of their ‘Hearts Challenger’pink ice cream van, which strangely and yet totally candidly also sells goofy sweets and Japanese toys! These guys turn up at parties randomly and jam out the back of the van for all to turn to. Original and totally ace, they also adopted the UK artist and fashion designer, Kate Moross, to help design their live sets and imagery. Kate is just about as wonderful a touch as I can imagine, adding art and creativity in places no other band could reach. They are dedicated to progressing the state of music and pushing change in all the right places. Thing is…do you embrace such change? Of course you do…

Find them here: Myspace

Hear them here: HEARTSREVOLUTION – C.Y.O.A (Choose Your Own Adventure)

REDLINE.jpg Red line picture by odelaybradford


Here we are with another post, so it seems inevitable we have yet another masked, electro, French DJ to show off! I figure there must be a factory in the outskirts of Paris throwing these guys out or something!!! Maybe they’re all actually robots distributed globally as part of some evil master plan, with a planetary mission to blow up all our favourite clubs?!? I blame Daft Punk! Anyways, this fella is all saturated, squelchy bounce. He always provides good quality tunes and he’s also been busy creating superb remixes for all our favourite people, such as: Late Of The Pier, Le Castle Vania, The Whip, Chromeo and many others! Thankfully he now has his first full official EP on release (14th September), called ‘Superheroes’. I give you the ‘Mixhell Earplugged’ remix of this tune because I love love love it! Oh and lastly – his mask is the best yet…

Find him here: Myspace

Hear him here: TOXIC AVENGER –  Superheroes(Mixhell Earplugged Remix)

REDLINE.jpg Red line picture by odelaybradford

OK, thats enough for this edition. Quite a long post I know. Phew. Time for a sit down, as your grandad would say. Until the next rave-up then. Look out for The Recommender on other blogs and media, as I’m now being asked to be interviewed, to be part of other movements and to generally spread the word. Nice.

Go forth and multiply…



OK, the normal thing with these ‘GIG LISTS’ is to list two seperate upcoming gigs, but I’m going to confess that I’m cheating a little here… As per usual I am featuring two artists on this GIG LIST, but the unusual thing is that they are supporting each other at the same venue at the same gig.

Reason being that both bands are so bloody great I simply cannot give them each enough focus in just one mention on a ‘GIG LIST’! At least we all know it should prove to be an outstanding night out. If you don’t go, you may as well remove your ears now due to under-use…

MIDNIGHT JUGGERNAUTS– Resplendantly popped into ‘THE RECOMMENDER 3’ way back in June, (see the archives…), this Aussie 3-piece are also well worthy of a post about their live set, because having caught them on their last UK tour I can firmly assure you that they are totally mesmerizing live. Oozing coolness from every orifice and chucking tunes at you like lightning bolts from the future, these fellas will rock this beach-fronted venue for sure.

ACT:                     MIDNIGHT JUGGERNAUTS
VENUE:                 DIGITAL, Kings Arches, Brighton Beach
COST:                   to be confirmed
DATE:                   Thursday 25th September 2008
WEBSITE:               Myspace site

HEARTS REVOLUTION  – (Note – I will be posting all about this group in more detail in The Recommender 9). This boy/girl scenester pairing hail from New York, although originally based in LA, and they come packed out with their own distinctive brand of DIY electroclash pop wonderness. Scooped up by the awesome Franki Chan and his record label, ‘I Heart Comix’, (of which I will also be posting much more about in The Recommender 9…), this duo are headed for planet cool on a one-way ticket. Whipping up a colourful punky live set with cutting edge design, art, originality and of course brilliant tunes, you really must shift your asses to the gig early. Well before Midnight Juggernauts arrive on stage this pair will explode in a cloud of fluffy pink spikey dance, so plan for an early arrival to avoid missing your rockets departure.

ACT:                    HEARTS REVOLUTION
VENUE:                DIGITAL, Kings Arches, Brighton Beach
COST:                  to be confirmed
DATE:                  Thursday 25th September 2008
WEBSITE:             Myspace site

I am going to be extra generous this week by attaching a video for each of the above bands. This should not only aid your opinions, but serve to help you realise just what you could be missing. Both vids are brilliantly well done with original art making them well worth an inclusion…


HEARTS REVOLUTION – C.Y.O.A (Directed by Jean Demery & Bastien Lattanzio)

As a foot note, please double check the listings before booking as there was a tiny bit of a contradiction between all the websites mentioning the venue at the time of writing. I’m confident Digital is correct, but no harm in being 100%.

See you back here soon for RECOMMENDER 9, with lots about the ‘I Heart Comix’ labels madness…

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