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What have you got planned over the next couple of weeks? Not much? Then we strongly suggest you get yourselves down to either of the two gigs listed below. Both are due in Brighton through November from a pair of bands so masterful we’d be embarrassed for you if you missed them!

REDLINE.jpg Red line picture by odelaybradford


We cover two gigs today that show off one established act and a  band who find themselves at a rather more humble beginning.  It’s fair to say that this Scottish four piece pack no lesser punch however.  We adore them, having previously covered them here and here. If you could bottle the energy and power that this young band play with then you would out-sell Coca Cola.  With drums and guitars that sound as if they’re being played by Thor himself and their ability to pen a raucous indie track of hurricane proportions, they already seem a finished article.  They released their outstanding, gutsy debut album, These Four Walls, earlier this year and it’s about as jammed with magical talent as a savant conference.  As an absolute necessity in anyone’s collection it will surely feature on this blog’s ‘Best Of 2009’ list.  They also have a double A side single due out on 30th November. What is really worthy of our attention is the quite unbelievable vocal ability of Adam Thompson.  It’s worth the effort to get to this gig simply to catch him singing in his strong Scottish accent.  In a world of X-factor, with its moisturised, scripted pop stars, seeing Adam giving what is truly an amazing showcase of authenticity, is about as refreshing and sincere as it gets.  Stepping into the centre of this hurricane will surely wash Simon Cowell and his formulaic nonsense out of your hair forever.   (MB)

ACT:                     WE WERE PROMISED JETPACKS
VENUE:                THE FREEBUTT, Phoenix Place, Brighton
COST:                   £ 5.00
DATE:                   Friday 13th November 2009
WEBSITE:            Myspace

REDLINE.jpg Red line picture by odelaybradford


More high-octane guitaring will be found playing Brighton this month with Brakes visiting Komedia.  Made up of members out of Electric Soft Parade and British Sea Power, they seem to enjoy re-living that kind of late 80s, Seattle, Sub Pop indie that’s got lots of slick rumbling bass (Heard About Your Band). However, they also attempt to bring it up to date, in the same way Snow Patrol had done in previous years, with the occasional pretty songsmithery  (Worry About It Later), followed by the kind of maxed-out tune that vibrates right through you (Two Shocks, Red Rag). They come from Brighton, so this gig is something of a home coming performance, which generally means you will receive an additional 10% more energy, although with a number of albums out it’s unlikely their mum’s are still attending their local shows. This small tour is to promote the release of their new live album, Rock Is Dodelijk (out 2nd November).  Although previous albums came out on Rough Trade, they’re now releasing through the outstanding Fat Cat Records, who are one of Brighton’s finest having also signed up (the above) We Were Promised Jetpacks, Twightlight Sad and Frightened Rabbit. They clearly have an appetite for signing the kind of powerful indie band that enjoy placing their audience in a wind tunnel of guitars. If this is also your idea of a good night out, then get down to Komedia, but perhaps make sure you ready yourself by holding onto something eh.   (MB)

ACT:                    BRAKES
VENUE:               KOMEDIA, Gardner Street, Brighton
COST:                  £ 9.00
DATE:                  Monday 9th November 2009
WEBSITE:           Myspace
TRACK:               BRAKES – DON’T TAKE ME TO SPACE (MAN) ysi



I’ve been thinking…  

Q: What makes for a great live performance – apart from the music itself?

A great lightshow that relates to the music,
An atmospheric crowd with much whooping and screaming,
A good old sing along, (perhaps even better when the frontman lets let the crowd sing on their own?)
A great soundsystem,
An appropriately sized venue for the artist,
Any homecoming gig,
The performers looking like they genuinely care or are truly moved by the moment,
The band having an emotional relationship with the crowd causing one of those magical connections,
A brilliant frontman,
Stage invasions and crowd surfers,
A packed house,
Massive lasers,
Not one but two encores,
A band at the peak of their powers,
Bands lower down on the bill stealing the show,
Giant inflatables/A mass of bubbles/An explosion of confetti/Balloons falling from the ceiling etc,
A walkway that stretches out into the crowd,
The artists unexpectedly improvising something totally original into a song for the hell of it,
Giant screens,
Even bigger speakers,
A guitarist with a jetpack.

You see there’s loads of amazing stuff that can happen apart from hearing the artists latest album played out live. I’ve been lucky enough to pretty much witness all of these at some point in the thousands of gigs I’ve been to over the years…except perhaps the jetpack…

Here’s a couple of examples of a truly fantastic live set, that ticks plenty of the boxes above. Enjoy…

1) ETIENNE DE CRECY – An outstanding light show, that’s a great example of timing it with the music.

2) U2 – It’s not all bands that can afford to appear out of a giant, floating lemon, in the centre of the crowd!

3) KASBIAN (LSF) – The best singalong I’ve ever been involved in.

4) DAFT PUNK – Lights, banging dance music, and the use of a giant pyramid – perfect!

5) FLAMING LIPS – You want balloons and confetti – you got it!

It’s also worth noting that there is plenty of awful things that can occur to ruin a gig too, so please leave a comment, or your own clip/link, with your thoughts on what makes a good or bad live set …



THE GIG LIST – Number 2

Late Of The PierMSTRKRFT

OK, time for the second edition of your ever-so-useful ‘Gig List’. I’ll be pointing out a couple of bright upcoming shows, local to Brighton, that will be well worth your investigation.

The rest is up to you : check out the bands, locate the tickets, get to the venue etc. My aim is to simply make you better informed. Nice.

The first is Late Of The Pier. An indie four-piece from Castle Donnington, they have attracted mucho attention from the new music press and boundless numbers of frantic teenagers across the country. They also seem to have been rubber-stamped by none other than the Electro godfather, Erol Alkan, who has helped produce and also remixed some of thier work to date. They’ve also supported such giants as Soulwax and Justice live. Go check the Myspace to hear them and find out more, as this band are very hard to describe, suffice to say the guitars and keyboards play out an iteresting mix thats like no others. Having seen them live myself earlier this year I can confidently say that their set is a wonder to behold. Excitable and catchy, they’ll get the venue going for sure.

ACT:                       LATE OF THE PIER
VENUE:                   BRIGHTON BARFLY
COST:                     £ 7
DATE:                     Thursday 8th May 2008

The second of this editions gig listings will be for a Canadian Duo hailing out of Toronto called MSTRKRFT. Electro-rock madness is their theme, with a notoriously riotous live set. These guys will be loud and should rock this venue’s dancing shoes right off your very feet. They enjoy a long list of remixes for just about eveyone from Justice to Juliet And The Licks to Kylie to Chromeo to Bloc Party. They have even been known to revisit their old band Death From Above 1979 for a remix. This event at the Ocean Rooms is pulling more and more fantastic new acts through its doors and is causing a real stir in Brighton now, so well done to Henron and co for grabbing yet another hot show.

ACT:                        MSTRKRFT
EVENT:                    Somewhere In The Universe There Must Be Something Better Than Man
VENUE:                   OCEAN ROOMS
COST:                      £ 11
DATE:                      Saturday 3rd May 2008

How very exciting indeed.

Don’t forget the NME Riot gig at Concorde 2 thats coming up! (see The Gig List – number 1, below). We have our tickets – do you have yours????

As usual, feel free to let me know if you’re joining us. You can always find out more about my musical goings-on here :

Until the next time,



…So this is the BIGGIE.  Every now and again I’m posting this thing called ‘The Recommender’. It’s just me pointing out a small selection of super-white-hot new bands or DJ’s. They are lovingly plucked from the underground for you to sample.  Only THE bestest stuff I locate gets on here, so allow me to trawl through the endless dross that’s about and pluck the finest littles gems for you. Aren’t I kind…


These London scenesters are all about magical remixes.

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Find them here:

Hear them here:


This Brighton duo are ripping up clubs across town like no other. Superb electro sounds. Check em out.

SOUTH CENTRAL | South Central

Find them here:

Hear them here:


Hailing from Paris, in what seems like the coolest city scene in the world right now, alongside Brooklyn and LA. A breezy indie-punk outfit that have something interesting to show us. Enjoy. 

Find them here:

Hear them here:

I will also be adding a couple of smaller highlights and mentioning others worthy of note…

Heads up for DJ/Promoter HENRON. He’s doing ace things at The Ocean Rooms in Brighton right now. Electro-tastic. Good man!

Also worth pointing out THE ANSWERING MACHINE and also the band with THE best name I’ve heard in ages, PARTS & LABOUR. Go search them out on Myspace – they are both worth your investagative time.

Hope you enjoyed. Until the next one then….


p.s. More info found at if you’re really keen…


THE GIG LIST – Number 1


Hi Everyone

OK here is the first ever edition of ‘THE GIG LIST’ on my blog. The aim of this is to simply point out a couple of upcoming gigs, local to Brighton, that I believe will be well worth your investigation.

The rest is over to you – Check out the bands, locate the tickets, get to the venue, etc. My aim is only to make you better informed. Nice.

This week I’m pointing out two gigs that should prove to be outstanding.

The first is a pair of giants in the dance industry and kings of the remix –SOULWAX, or as some of you may also know them – 2 MANY DJs. The Belgium duo have been experimenting and chopping up dance floors like nobody else across the world for years now. Thank your lucky stars you have a new opportunity to see them once again in Brighton…

ACT:                        SOULWAX / 2 MANY DJs
VENUE:                   Concorde 2
COST:                      £ 17.00
DATE:                      Wednesday 23rd April 2008

The second gig is an NME promotion coming to our town. It is part of their ‘New Noise Tour’. This Brighton leg involves four upcoming bands, one of which is the Toronto two-piece, CRYSTAL CASTLES, a fantastically brilliant electro-punk outfit. Another on the bill I am particularly fond of is new indie band, FRIENDLY FIRES. Well worth a few pounds of your money.

EVENT:                    NME New Noise Tour
VENUE:                   Concorde 2
COST:                      £ 9.00
DATE:                      Monday 5th May 2008

I hope this helps fill at least one night out for you, (if not two!). Remember, I’m always interested to hear if you are joining us.

If you’re really keen on finding out more about my musical tastes and recommendations, then please go to :

Until the next time,


Hello world!


Congratulations on finding this new, fresh and hopefully darn helpful blog. It’s a music blog, mainly covering new Indie and Electro/Dance music, but before you start thinking it’s just another, please think again…

This blog will mainly comprise of 4 things:

I’ve been doing this on Myspace’s blog section for some time, but figured it’s worth its own page. Basically, I’ll be trawling through the interweb and grabbing all manor of snippetts from the world of music, washing them down, and sorting them into a couple of top-notch recommendations for your ears delight. It will always be new music bubbling in the undeground, readying itself for you pleasure. You will no longer have to wade through the ether of endless spamming promoters and industry fluff. Just pop here every now and again and check out what I highlight. Your ears will be thankful.

2) THE GIG LIST – OK, this is similar, but this time I’ll be searching out and recommending the highlights of upcoming gigs listed in my local city of Brighton. Again, only the best will get on here and again it will be mainly new acts/bands/DJ’s. I will be abusing my local connections and keeping in touch with every outlet for all the best venues. I promise to work hard so you don’t have to.

3) HOW GOOD IS THIS!!!??? – This section will be like a mini-post. A showcase of more random highlights I’ve found. These things won’t deserve their own ‘Recommender ‘or ‘Gig List’ posting and therefore won’t have quite as much detail. It could be a music clip, a new tune, a top 10 list, a new site, anything to do with music. More just a pointer, rather than an in depth piece of information, but yummy and wholesome all the same.

4) Q & A – This will be far less frequent. It will be posted up only when I’ve had a chance to interview new bands and DJs about what and why they do what they do. Its a chance for you to get a little closer to the new acts breaking into your scene. Usually just a dozen or so questions. It’s not overly intrusive, just the good old basics, but much fun all the same. I’ll also try and add a video or something to allow you to check them out for yourselves.

Take these or leave them, but it’s free, it should be enlightening and I promise nothing on here will be a waste of your investigative time. My only hope is to make you a tiny bit better informed than you were before…

Feel free to comment, subscribe, share the love, or totally leave it – it is your choice. I just hope you enjoy…

All the best,

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