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We are about to get not one but two white-hot record labels represented in town, as both Paris’ Kitsune and Frankie Chan‘s IHEARTCOMIX arrive to showcase bands at Concorde 2. You simply cannot afford to miss this!

REDLINE.jpg Red line picture by odelaybradford


On this particular section on The Recommender we scavenge our local city’s horizons to locate the best nights out that Brighton can offer. Within our vibrant music scene there are many good promoters, but none reappear on this blog more than the events that have one particular man involved. We always serve up two great nights out on this Gig List and this fella has somewhow managed to get a mention for both of his upcoming events. He goes by the name Henron and has a particularly impressive ability to book cutting edge acts. His latest adventure carries his new regular event, named Horsepower, to one of Brighton’s most successful mid-sized venues, Concorde 2. To kick this new night off he brings to town some truly amazing talent. First on, Recommender favourites, The Golden Filter, who have recently completed a Q&A with us here. Second on stage will be the mind-blowing showmanship of Chew Lips, Camden’s hottest talents, with the beautiful singer Tiggs and her signature energetic display and their adorable, synth-heavy, 8-bit tunes. Finishing the night off will be a DJ set by none other than the IHEARTCOMIX label’s Designer Drugs. In an unusual but fantastic twist, there will also be a discount rummage sale from the trendy fashion label, American Apparel, as well as other well known Brighton brands, set up in the corner. It doesn’t get much more hipster than this.

VENUE:                Concorde 2, Madeira Drive, Brighton
COST:                   £3.00
DATE:                   Thursday 1st October 2009
WEBSITES:          Chew Lips Myspace, The Golden Filter Website, Designer Drugs Myspace
TRACK:                 CHEW LIPS – SOLO ysi

REDLINE.jpg Red line picture by odelaybradford


Henron’s second event will be located at his normal underground scenester venue, New Hero. Here he showcases the Norwegian pop sensations that are Casiokids. A five piece that always get out of bed the right side it seems, so positively contagious is their energy. They have to be witnessed to be believed, as they bounce around the stage like a bunch of children, (were they supplied with nothing but McDonalds and Smarties for the previous month!). Constantly swapping instruments, blink and you will find the guy that was playing the piano is now playing the drums, whilst the drummer’s picked up a guitar! It’s their amazing ability to always give an outstanding performance, playing with such broad smiles, that always gets the crowd bouncing. For this they are worth their weight in gold, let alone the required £5. This will be their first return to Brighton since they played the Loop Festival a couple of months ago, so if you missed them on that occasion do not repeat the mistake! Henron has done it again and the place will be packed, so book your tickets as soon as you can. He always encourages a sense of abandonment in his home venue, with his nights always feeling like more of a college party than a club night. Prepare to be doing Casiokid congas around the dancefloor.

:                     CASIOKIDS
VENUE:                New Hero – Dyke Road, Brighton
COST:                  £5.00 adv / £6.00 on door
DATE:                  Friday 2nd October 2009
WEBSITE:            Myspace
TRACK:                CASIOKIDS – FINN BIKKJEN ysi

REDLINE.jpg Red line picture by odelaybradford

On a separate note, The Recommender is about to embark on a photo shoot with both Wave Machines and Lovelikefire this week, so look out for the results on our Flickr page real soon. Nice.




Yeah Christmas is a great laugh, and it’s a welcome holiday break as the winter kicks into full swing, but for live gigs its a bit sparse. During this period there’s been plenty of club action, especially over the New Year celebrations, but nothing of any outstanding note. So it’s with a welcome note that we swing into 2009 with a fresh look ahead to what the town of Brighton brings us. Being one of the finest towns in the UK for new music, particularly Spring and Summer when it really gets into it’s major party mood with mucho festivals and circuits going on.

You don’t even have to look beyond January to catch one of the hottest artists that’s in true blog-ascendancy at the moment. We’ve already posted about her back in The Recommender 17, but as with all artists there’s nothing quite like seeing them up close and personal. And it doesn’t get much closer and more personal than at the New Hero club. Once again Henry’s excelled himself with his ability to catch onto the UK’s pop zeitgeist by booking up an artist so hot it’s being advised you wear your non-flammable undies. La Roux follows a long list of attractive, fresh pioneering acts to New Hero, such as Little Boots, or Surkin, or The Golden Filter, to name just three of many, many amazing performers in recent months. Get down there to witness the truly talented electropop sensation, with her unique style, vocals and sound, before she heads on to a larger tour nationwide supporting Lilly Allen.

ACT:                      LA ROUX 
VENUE:                 NEW HERO, Lower Dyke Road, Brighton
COST:                  £ 6.50
DATE:                   Friday 30th January 2009
WEBSITE:            Myspace

This band has been around since 2000 and it is with their 9th album, Merriweather Post Pavilion, due out next week, that they seem to be gathering attention once again in the blog world. With a boat packed ram-jammed full of blog hype, they floated over our horizon and into view. At first listen you won’t be sure of the hype, with a mixed bag of sounds. Part psychedelic pop, part mashed up soundscape, their songs always seem to start out like a crash of randomness, but then out of the bleeps comes a beat and a tune that builds up to a formula that then works. Like the weirder side of any Super Furry Animals song, or if you like MGMT’s left-field side and you take to anything that’s experimenting changing the face of things, rather than following anything else, then this Baltimore 4-piece should tick your box. Gigs around the release of a new album always seem to get an extra 10% out of the band in my experience, so catch them while they are burning bright.

ACT:                     ANIMAL COLLECTIVE 
VENUE:                CONCORDE 2, Marine Parade, Brighton Beach
COST:                  £ 7.00
DATE:                   Thursday 15th January 2009
WEBSITE:            Myspace

We are already getting hints and whispers about the upcoming artists getting booked up for some of Brighton’s excellent, (and numerous), Spring and Summer festivals, so plenty more will soon arrive on this Gig List, so make sure you head back here when you can.





Got a couple of winter-warmer gigs to throw your way today. One is a totally fresher than fresh new act and the other is a band that’s about as established as it gets – both are totally way-way-out-there cool! The Dome, one of Brighton’s larger venues, seems to be stealing the best of the big bands these days. On the other end of the scale the smaller New Hero club seems to be the most cutting edge, due in no small part to the excellent work done there by Henron.

Following their fantastic collection of the much-sought-after Mercury Music Prize earlier this year they are continuing on their UK tour. It hits Brighton at the start of the next leg at The Dome, a venue that I think will prove to be the perfect size for their atmospheric, hopeful, powerful music. Catching them live you will be able to hear Guy Garvey’s vocals punch the notes perfectly – a sight that is truly remarkable when witnessed in person. Not that the album’s production doesn’t also do him justice, its just that this fella really can sing so bloody well live. There’s a fantastic juxtaposition when you see a big, working class, northern man, create a sound so beautiful with his voice. A band in the true sense, sharing all writing credits and the subsequent royalties five ways, they bond on stage brilliantly. The gig may be three months away but I list it here now as tickets will surely sell out fast, so make sure you catch the award-winning album, plus the best of the rest of their brilliant back-catalogue, as well as the awesome show closer, On A Day Like This.

ACT:                     ELBOW
VENUE:                 THE DOME, Brighton
COST:                   £ 22.50 (plus booking free)
DATE:                   Saturday 28th February 2009
WEBSITE:             Myspace

It seems a lot of new artists are coming through this year with their identity kept a total mystery. The Golden Filter do just that. Perhaps a lack of an identity creates a buzz as people search for info on them? Perhaps it’s just to shunt us busy bloggers? Perhaps, in this age of communication and profiling, a lack of names and faces adds a refreshing touch? For once you cannot pigeon hole them, dress like them, replicate them or judge them as people, you can only cast opinion on the music. And what a fantastic sound it is too. They deliberately pursue being secretive, but there is no doubting that the music is enticing enough. I will be giving them their own Recommender posting in the near future, where I’ll be elaborating more about their contagiously cute Electro-Disco-Pop. Go hunt them out and discover the big reveal for yourselves at New Hero this November.

ACT:                    THE GOLDEN FILTER
VENUE:                Somewhere In The Universe… @ NEW HERO
COST:                  £ tbc
DATE:                  Friday 21st November 2008
WEBSITE:            Myspace

Two great gigs, one this year, one in 2009. At least we can bridge the new year with plenty to look forward to in Brighton.





Got you lovely people a themed GIG LIST for Number 9. Whether you live in BRIGHTON or not, you really should know all about the new club NEW HERO! Today I’m going to be waxing all about the newest Electro nightclub located in central Brighton. It’s what Saturday night was invented for after all.

Not only does it list the best resident line up of any club I’ve ever known in Brighton, its got sweet flavours on both Friday and Saturday nights! Acts blowing up this dancefloor will be Henron (Fridays and occassional Saturdays) and then a rotation of residents for just the Saturday that will comprise of Midfield General, South Central, Punks Jump Up, Stopmakingme and Nightmoves. Fridays are the legendary ‘Somewhere In The Universe’ parties and Saturdays will be the new ‘Dance Dance Death’ event.

Amongst many others, here is a selection of previous acts to play at ‘Somewhere In The Universe…’ (when it was based at other clubs in a previous life). It reads like a who’s who of the worlds coolest DJ’s. Check this out…

Dj Mehdi

So you really have no excuses…

OK just to get a little specific for a minute I wanna post about which nights are coming up. I firstly wanna list Henron as he is the pioneer of ‘Somewhere…’. You’ve never seen such a lively DJ with his enthusiastic and contagious jumping up and down behind the decks. He thumps the air with his fists, climbs upon his decks and gets the place in such a swing! It totally rocks. His electro set is thumping, crunchy and totally banging. You’ll love him.

ACT:                    DJ HENRON
VENUE:                SOMEWHERE IN THE UNIVERSE…, NEW HERO, 11 Dyke Road, Brighton
COST:                  £3  pre-11pm, £5  after 11pm
DATE:                  Friday 12th September 2008
WEBSITE:             Myspace

Secondly, on the Saturday night this weekend is NIGHTMOVES from Kitsune playing the Dance Dance Death party. He is well known for his brilliant remixes for everyone from Klaxons to Late Of The Pier to Rosin Murphy to Friendly Fires. Well worth six little pounds of your finest earnings.

ACT:                    NIGHTMOVES
:                DANCE DANCE DEATH, NEW HERO, 11 Dyke Road, Brighton
COST:                  £6   (10pm to late)
DATE:                  Saturday 13th September 2008
WEBSITE:             Myspace

OK, enough from me for this GIG LIST. I’ll have THE RECOMMENDER 10 up soon, so head back when your ready…or slightly before your ready if you so wish…




This ride just keeps on trucking, so congratulations on thumbing me down once more. Hop on…

I’ve managed to bag a handful of sugar-coated sweeteners to aid your ipod in this edition. One is a very well known blogged antipodean, the others ain’t so well drafted, but all are totally worthy of their listing. Pick up the gifted selection and waft gently under your ears until satisfied. Nice.

First up, hmmm, lets see…OK I’ll get her out of the way first. Every other blog known to man has her listed, so I gotta pop her on here in my obliging manor, but as always, I’m not trying to be the first, so balls to all that and lets bag a load of LADYHAWKE, (real name: Pip Brown). The timing is good as she not only plays Brighton next month (See Gig List 7 below), but she is also releasing her new self-titled album later that same month. Best realised as the unwanted love-child of the Ting Tings, Roxette, Cut Copy and Chrissie Hynde. Throw in a little cameo from Feist and you have the perfect gang-bang to her sound scape.

Find her here:

Hear her here:  Ladyhawke – ‘Back Of The Van’ 

This next 4-piece are Spain’s answer to Franz Ferdinand and The Rapture, with a flirting eye cast over their shoulders towards Duran Duran. In fact, its as if Franz Ferdinand were all kidnapped by some evil mastermind who has cunningly replaced them with casio-punk robots and got us all fooled. No bad thing. MENDETZ are all sexy, upbeat, sharp riffs and danceable indie. They’ve toured with the likes of Arctic Monkeys in Europe and they are now one great self-titled album in. I’m desperate for them to play over in the UK, so I’m busy pimping their name out to any promoter connections as best I can. Do your bit and click on my links and check out their music. They totally kick it.

Find them here:

Hear them here: Mendetz – ‘The Sofa’

Third up today is a French 3-piece who claim to visit the future to write and record their music and then return to us to release it! MINITEL ROSE have their sound grounded in French electro, but with that fantastic 80’s twist more familiar with the Australian scenesters Cut Copy, Presets or The Midnight Juggernauts. High pitch lyrics swirl around an electronic echo to create a more delicate sound than the usual dirty crunch of more common electro. I list below the medley they leave on their Myspace site, so it gives you a snippet of their sound. They released their album ‘The French Machine’ back in May 2008, so that’s out there to hunt down if they take well to your ears…

Find them here:

Hear them here: Minitel Rose – ‘Medley’

Hope you enjoyed this post. Comment and spread the word as always. Looks like I’m already the largest new music blog in the city of Brighton, so thanks for your support. It’s growing like wildfire now so keep it going. Nice.

On a separate note, I met Henron last night and he told me some great news regarding a new venue for him and the ‘Somewhere In The Universe…’ events, so I will be blogging about that soon. That means its well worth you popping back for more from The Recommender real soon.



THE GIG LIST – Number 2

Late Of The PierMSTRKRFT

OK, time for the second edition of your ever-so-useful ‘Gig List’. I’ll be pointing out a couple of bright upcoming shows, local to Brighton, that will be well worth your investigation.

The rest is up to you : check out the bands, locate the tickets, get to the venue etc. My aim is to simply make you better informed. Nice.

The first is Late Of The Pier. An indie four-piece from Castle Donnington, they have attracted mucho attention from the new music press and boundless numbers of frantic teenagers across the country. They also seem to have been rubber-stamped by none other than the Electro godfather, Erol Alkan, who has helped produce and also remixed some of thier work to date. They’ve also supported such giants as Soulwax and Justice live. Go check the Myspace to hear them and find out more, as this band are very hard to describe, suffice to say the guitars and keyboards play out an iteresting mix thats like no others. Having seen them live myself earlier this year I can confidently say that their set is a wonder to behold. Excitable and catchy, they’ll get the venue going for sure.

ACT:                       LATE OF THE PIER
VENUE:                   BRIGHTON BARFLY
COST:                     £ 7
DATE:                     Thursday 8th May 2008

The second of this editions gig listings will be for a Canadian Duo hailing out of Toronto called MSTRKRFT. Electro-rock madness is their theme, with a notoriously riotous live set. These guys will be loud and should rock this venue’s dancing shoes right off your very feet. They enjoy a long list of remixes for just about eveyone from Justice to Juliet And The Licks to Kylie to Chromeo to Bloc Party. They have even been known to revisit their old band Death From Above 1979 for a remix. This event at the Ocean Rooms is pulling more and more fantastic new acts through its doors and is causing a real stir in Brighton now, so well done to Henron and co for grabbing yet another hot show.

ACT:                        MSTRKRFT
EVENT:                    Somewhere In The Universe There Must Be Something Better Than Man
VENUE:                   OCEAN ROOMS
COST:                      £ 11
DATE:                      Saturday 3rd May 2008

How very exciting indeed.

Don’t forget the NME Riot gig at Concorde 2 thats coming up! (see The Gig List – number 1, below). We have our tickets – do you have yours????

As usual, feel free to let me know if you’re joining us. You can always find out more about my musical goings-on here :

Until the next time,

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