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We know the market has driven through a tough old time in the music world for the last few years, as the record labels ride the changes the internet has brought in, but for fucks sake, leaving a band this hot, with this many boxes ticked, unsigned is close to scandalous!  However, detached is indeed where we find them and rather fittingly it’s precisely this isolation and separation that seems to have been the driver behind their craft.  We got in touch with the band and, as they explained in their brief biography, their North Wales home, in the windy wilds of Mount Snowden, allow them the freedom to contemplate and create the melodies and hooks which are abundant in each tune.  Making simple 8-track recordings, in slate quarries and abandoned buildings, perhaps explains the loose, sometimes imprecise feel of their DIY tunes.  The energetic guitars, strummed in building crescendos, with pretty breaks and fuzzed riffs, are completed with styled, spirited vocals that actually lift the songs out of their mulched indie rock swagger.  They’ve already self-released an 11-track LP, Idolise, which is remarkable considering they’ve only been together as a unit since December 2009.  It’s only April!  That kind of output and creative rate is a factor worth taking note of on it’s own, but the fact that the songs brim with the kind of energy and confidence that’s not been seen since Kasabian walked these planks, is nothing short of astonishing.  They’re heading for Radio One, they’re heading for festival stages and they’re heading for you earphones.  Very rapidly.  In fact, they are due an appearance at Brighton’s Great Escape festival, playing an intimate show at the Foundry Pub.  That will surely be a show to catch, before they blow up.  This is a hard working band with a hard working feel to their rocking indie anthems, but most importantly they teach us a subtle lesson that a little separation can breed genuinely creative, industrially productive results.       (MB)

Find them here:         Myspace

Hear them here:        WE//ARE//ANIMAL – UNFOLD/FOLD

Hear them here:        WE//ARE//ANIMAL – 1268




If you like Kasabian, you are going to love this six piece. They may describe themselves as “big beat junkie folk“, but they’re wrong, they are the new Kasabian. It’s that simple. There’s a little bit of bluesy Primal Scream in there perhaps, possibly even a little bit of Oasis, but mainly Kasabian. We won’t be ending the critique there however, because they also happen to write fucking awesome tunes. Very much like Kasabian do actually. You know the sort of songs; absolutely giant, sing along, room-filling, killer, foot-stomping monsters. They even have that kind of “na na na na na” bit in the middle of a track, so that the inner football fan inside you can scream along at their gigs. Again, this is no bad thing. It’s music to get swept up and feel pumped by. There’s not a lot of re-invention here, as they musically look a little backwards, but there’s no denying their collective ability to write an atmospheric anthem that occasionally goes a little psychedelic (you know for the stoners, in the same way Kasabian did). It’s a big sound, as is perhaps expected from a band that lists five members as guitarists. And big is what they are going to get, to go with their big Polydor record label signatures and eventual big venues in which to play their big singalongs. However, if you don’t like Kasabian, it’s probably fair to assume you won’t be enjoying much from them. Saying that, if you don’t like Kasabian you wouldn’t have gotten past the first line in this review.      (MB)

Find them here:               Myspace

Hear them here:               DETROIT SOCIAL CLUB – SOLDIERS ysi

REDLINE.jpg Red line picture by odelaybradford


I don’t know about you but I’m sure getting that jaded feeling from all these 80s obsessed synth bands that currently clutter up the music scene.  So it comes as some relief to find that Toronto synthesizer trio Parallels are obsessed with the 70s instead. To be exact, it’s that decades brand of light electronica, often seen being produced by the likes of Giorgio Moroder, or Sparks (circa their Terminal Jive LP).  They take both of these influences and use the pulsating, moving basslines and oscillating effects to blend them with a certain sexy knowingness. It’s similar to the type of irresistible lure that Ladytron mastered to perfection.  Arpeggiator-driven melodies underpin the sweet vocals of electro siren Holly Dodson, who has the voice of a young Madonna on the tunes Ultralight and Dry Blood. Additionally, she’s found turning on some enticing, breathless, emotional vocals with the broodier and darker soundtrack Ghost Machines.  They were formed in 2008 by Crystal Castle’s tour drummer, Cameron Findley, who has aimed for a more sophisticated blend of hi-NRG disco and electronic pop, making them sound like a synth band for grown ups.  An album is set for release at some point before the end of 2009, but for now you can hear tracks from their previous three EP’s on Myspace.      (DV)

Find them here:       Myspace

Hear them here:      PARALLELS – ULTRALIGHT ysi

REDLINE.jpg Red line picture by odelaybradford


It seems like we write about bands from across the bridges and tunnels of New York every other post on this blog at the moment, so frequent are the arrivals in The Recommender’s inbox from that part of the world.  No doubt this is on the back of the awesome CMJ festival that recently occurred there.  A festival that opens many loft apartments and warehouses to the public as spaces in which to showcase contemporary music.  Recently spotted on our radars from this event include Freelance Whales, which we covered here, and Sleigh Bells, who we listed here.  So perhaps the final band that is to emerge on the back of all the blogging buzz is The Loom.  Already one EP in, At Last Light, they are rumoured to be currently recording their debut full length album, which they’ve requested fans to help fund.  This multi-instumentalist, (in the truest sense of the word), six piece from Brooklyn sit just the right side of folk music, but only just.  OK, so there’s banjos and ukulele and female vocals that seem straight out of the Irish sixties, but it’s the beat-claps and John Fanning’s vocals that lift it into a slightly more contemporary box. It’s got great melodic parts, in the essence of Arcade Fire and the aforementioned Freelance Whales, but without the pop or snare drum. It may be a little twee for some of you, but we think there’s still plenty in the locker to enjoy here. Perfect for the winter ipod.   (MB)

Find them here:     Myspace

Here them here:      THE LOOM – SONG FOR THE WINTER SUN ysi

REDLINE.jpg Red line picture by odelaybradford

On a totally separate note, we are looking for anyone who knows which sort of video camera films this sort of quality video? We want one. Badly…



We love our home city of Brighton, really we do. Here on The Recommender, we mostly cover music from any of the global scene’s around, but on occasion we have the chance to look no further than our pebble-covered shoreline to locate the buzz of exciting new music. And so it’s with a slightly different edition of The Gig List today that we proudly bring you…


That buzz is currently at ear-splitting levels with the recent announcement of the line ups and dates of our annual new music festival. Rightly touted as the UK’s version of the famous American SXSWFestival, with over 300 (mainly) new bands and acts. It runs over 3 days and at 34 venues across Brighton.  

We’ve perused the lengthy listings and taken it upon ourselves to point out what we think are the worthwhile highlights and we’ve been kind enough to include a little mp3 so you can hear them for yourselves. Aren’t we the helpful ones…


Kasabian.jpg kasabian picture by Mark18_2008   

An Experiment On A Bird In An Air Pump – Lights Out        (ysi)

The Big Pink – Too Young To Love       (ysi)

Fan Death – Veronica’s Veil       (ysi)

Casiokids – Fot I Hose       (ysi)

Dan Black – HYPNTZ       (ysi)

The Joy FormidableWhirring       (ysi)

KasabianClub Foot       (ysi)

Kissy Sell OutNightswimming(Kissy Remix)       (ysi)

Little BootsStuck On Repeat       (ysi)

MetronomyHeartbreaker (Kris Menace Remix)       (ysi)

Micachu & The ShapesThe Golden Phone        (ysi)

The MaccabeesNo Kind Words        (ysi)

Passion PitSleepyhead       (ysi)

The Temper TrapSweet Disposition       (ysi)

V V BrownCrying Blood       (ysi)

We Were Promised JetpacksShips With Holes Will Sink       (ysi)

:                  £ 39.50  (allows access to all venues, subject to capacity)
DATES:                 14th, 15th and 16th May 2009

This annual city-wide party is just what the doctor ordered after a long winter. A festival that is growing in stature year on year, it is now rightly claimed as Europe’s leading festival for new music. Could it be any better for a Brighton-based new music blog like ours. We love our city of Brighton, really we do…




I’ve been thinking…  

Q: What makes for a great live performance – apart from the music itself?

A great lightshow that relates to the music,
An atmospheric crowd with much whooping and screaming,
A good old sing along, (perhaps even better when the frontman lets let the crowd sing on their own?)
A great soundsystem,
An appropriately sized venue for the artist,
Any homecoming gig,
The performers looking like they genuinely care or are truly moved by the moment,
The band having an emotional relationship with the crowd causing one of those magical connections,
A brilliant frontman,
Stage invasions and crowd surfers,
A packed house,
Massive lasers,
Not one but two encores,
A band at the peak of their powers,
Bands lower down on the bill stealing the show,
Giant inflatables/A mass of bubbles/An explosion of confetti/Balloons falling from the ceiling etc,
A walkway that stretches out into the crowd,
The artists unexpectedly improvising something totally original into a song for the hell of it,
Giant screens,
Even bigger speakers,
A guitarist with a jetpack.

You see there’s loads of amazing stuff that can happen apart from hearing the artists latest album played out live. I’ve been lucky enough to pretty much witness all of these at some point in the thousands of gigs I’ve been to over the years…except perhaps the jetpack…

Here’s a couple of examples of a truly fantastic live set, that ticks plenty of the boxes above. Enjoy…

1) ETIENNE DE CRECY – An outstanding light show, that’s a great example of timing it with the music.

2) U2 – It’s not all bands that can afford to appear out of a giant, floating lemon, in the centre of the crowd!

3) KASBIAN (LSF) – The best singalong I’ve ever been involved in.

4) DAFT PUNK – Lights, banging dance music, and the use of a giant pyramid – perfect!

5) FLAMING LIPS – You want balloons and confetti – you got it!

It’s also worth noting that there is plenty of awful things that can occur to ruin a gig too, so please leave a comment, or your own clip/link, with your thoughts on what makes a good or bad live set …





So as The Recommender blog looks ahead to 2009 we find there’s plenty of bright highlights that we can already look forward to. The spring is looking particularly sweet, with two of the UK’s shining examples of powerful Indie turning up to blow us away. Enjoy.


Having had the magical hands of the dance legend Erol Alkan helping to produce their debut album they are continuing to blow up in the UK scenes. We first caught them live supporting Justice at The Astoria in London and it proved to be one hell of a ticket as they threw out a highly energetic performance. They are all danceable, space age Indie with a unique sound. They’re a superbly creative and artistic group, who prove to have a mesmerising live set so pop down to Concorde 2, a venue that’s a perfect size for them at this stage of their careers, for a night to remember.

ACT:                     LATE OF THE PIER
VENUE:                 CONCORDE 2
COST:                   £ 9.50
DATE:                   Wednesday 18th February 2009
WEBSITES:           Myspace


Another look ahead to 2009 and we see that these guys are heading into town. They may be an big band, in a big venue, but that’s nothing compared to the size of their live sound. They’ve gone from strength to strength since bringing out their debut album in early 2007 and their thumping, sing-along songs are perfect for a live set. Massive chords and pounding beats are thrown at the crowd with a buzzing energy that’s not been seen since the pomp of Kasabian or the attitude of Oasis, (two bands that definitely have more than a little drip of inspiration in The Enemy’s sound and character). Tom leads the line brilliantly with his chest stuck out and a snarling grit in his voice. This gig is part of a lengthy UK tour which will no doubt sell out everywhere, so grab yourself a ticket for them whilst you still can.

ACT:                     THE ENEMY
VENUE:                 BRIGHTON DOME
COST:                   £ 18.00
DATE:                   Wednesday 8th April 2009
WEBSITES:           Myspace

Make sure you keep up to date with The Recommender through 2009 as we continue to bring you the world’s musical highlights. The ride goes on…




OK, time for another tidy little mini-post…

I will be doing this when something, no matter how random, passes past me that I cannot help but share with you. Could be from any genre in any format, just so long as its blindingly brilliant…and this one is!!!

A couple of years ago I saw the band KASABIAN live. Now I’ve been to a shit load of gigs, (13nr Reading Festivals and 4nr Glastonbury’s amongst many, many others), and seeing Kasabian pretty much reset the bar for everything I’ve seen live since. That’s everything, ever.

I cannot recommend an Indie band more than this lot when it comes to a right show. I came across this Youtube post and it took me back there. The way frontman Tom Meighan draws you all in and involves the crowd is one thing, but above all, its the way the whole band seem to give it their all and genuinely get wrapped up in the moment as much as the crowd.

I challenge anyone to give me an example of a better ‘show-closer’ than LSF. Here it is live from a gig last year. Enjoy it – particularly 3mins and 18 secs in when he lets the crowd go for it. Brilliant, just totally brilliant!

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