We are delighted to be able to bring you an exclusive Q&A with one of the most exciting bands to emerge from Brighton in years. This continues in our growing line of interviewees, from Little Boots, to Marina & The Diamonds, bringing you cutting edge musicians in the early stages of their promising careers.

On this ocassion James and Ally from Mirrors took time out for us, as they prepare for their upcoming Loop Festival performance in their home town of Brighton. Put simply, we couldn’t be more excited if you attached a pair of electrodes to our bollocks. The promise and hype that surrounds this magical band are suggesting big things. The available music that we’ve heard and the live performances to date have only built on the growing reputation.

1.) OK, so you are new to most of us, yet you already have Brighton and the wider music community wetting their pants out there, so lets start at the beginning…We want to know how you all met? We heard you were members of the band Mum-Ra, so is this true and how did you come to form?

I suppose we just gravitated towards one another. James and Tate had just left Mumm-ra and moved to Brighton to start something new. The four of us just clicked. We all had this vision to create a band where the ideas and aesthetic were as considered as the music.

2.) Let’s introduce the band members individually – can we have each of your names and what each of you do in the band?

We are:
James – synthesizer & vocals
Ally – synthesizer & vocals
Tate – synthesizer
Joe – electronic drums

3.) Where do you each come from? Is it fair to introduce you as a ‘Brighton band’?

We think so. Brighton is our spiritual home. Our lives have become so much richer for moving here. It is a very vibrant city. We are all very proud to be a part of it.

4.) Was it true that your first gig was at the New Hero club in town? The Recommender was there and we were surprised at how you came to provide such a tight, well organised set. How many gigs have you played to date? What’s been your favourite?

That was our first show. we’ve only played a handful of shows so far. I think people are surprised how refined the performance is for such a new band. We didn’t want to leave anything to chance. Its all about the details.
Certainly the New Hero show holds a special place in our hearts, as it was the first show in our home city. Our plan is to set up a residency there where we can expand on our ideas – think painted silver dancers handing out trays of frozen flowers, koyaanisqatsi projected on the walls whilst DJ’s throw in some electronic madness. having our own night will give us a chance to create a full on 3D experience.

5.) What’s with the excellent matching ties and suits? Is this perhaps a nod to Kraftwerk or something new you’ve dreamed up?

Kraftwho? The suits compliment our music. A neat, classic image. We’ve seen a lot of scruffy looking fellows in recent times and the suits are just another little thing that separates Mirrors and it’s aesthetic from the other bands around us.

6.) For those readers totally new to you, how would you describe your sound? We heard you mention the fantastic description, ‘Pop Noir’, so can you elaborate?

It’s a phrase we coined ourselves. We wanted to stress the fact that we write “Pop” music as it can sometimes be overlooked when we start talking about our world. We think it’s an accurate reflection of the music we make. It’s memorable.

7.) We have heard reviews that tout OMD, Depeche Mode, Kraftwerk and Blancmange as comparisons, so can you confirm where and whom your music influences and inspirations are garnered from?

Well, yes, they are obvious reference points. But I think our sound is much denser than these bands and what we do also sounds very contemporary. We are living in the 21st century, the world around us will inevitably influence our music.

8.) We see you’re playing at Brighton’s Loop festival, which has our tails up, but are you planning to play any other festivals this summer?

We’re playing latitude, and maybe a couple of smaller shows around Brighton. However, we’re not the sort of band to play every show available to us. There’s no point. our shows will be select, special.

9.) There’s seems to only be a few demo’s floating around the blogs and online, so do you have many other songs recorded to date? Is there an albums worth written yet?

We have written many songs, but a lot of them still need work. Our writing process is very slow and methodical, but yes, the record is starting to take shape.

10.) Do you have any plans for a single, an EP and/or possibly an album launch yet?

We’ve got a single coming out this month on the Pure Groove label. Then there are plans in place for the rest of the year but nothing confirmed in terms of an album.

11.) We also heard a rumour about a haggle between labels for your signatures, in which it’s been suggested, rather over-excitedly, that a giant contract could be be offered. Although we presume this isn’t quite the case, can you please clarify the situation? Has anything been agreed with anyone yet? Who would be your ideal label?

We’ll work with the label that we feel best understands the band and it’s ambitions.

12.) Apart from the Loop Festival, what’s immediately next for Mirrors?

We want to make our live show something special. That’s very important to us. Writing and recording will continue and we’ll be ready to release a fantastic record next year.

13.) Lastly, we always ask at the end of each Q&A for the interviewees to become honorary ‘Recommenders’ by asking them to suggest any new bands/acts/DJ’s that have caught your eye in recent times that you would like to share with us?

We’re enjoying listening to Amadou & Mariam at the moment. It’s just a great pop record.


OK, so that’s another great exclusive interview completed. Search our archives for more from Mirrors, as well as the other interviews we’ve done in the past. The Recommender will be at Loop Festival, so if you plan on joining us this coming weekend, pop here to grab a ticket. See you at the front…




As the UK festival season gets into full swing and the likes of  the giant events, (Glastonbury, V Festival, Bestival, Reading/Leeds and T In The Park etc), take all the limelight and national coverage, we are pleased as punch to be sneaking some of the better and quite frankly cooler and smaller festivals into our plucky town of Brighton.

With the Loop Festival now in it’s 3rd year, what it may lack in size, it more than makes up for in quality and fresh originality. The line up gets stronger every year and we are pleased to associate The Recommender blog ever closer, as we know the organisers personally and we see first hand how they make such a massive effort.

The least we can do is list below our selected highlights from the long list of amazing acts that are on show. A handful of tickets, at a variety of rates to suit your budget, are still available here.

FEVER RAY Triangle Walks (ysi)
ESSERWork It Out (The Shoes Remix)       (ysi)
DATAROCKI Used To Dance With My Daddy (ysi)
WE HAVE BANDTime After Time (ysi)
FANFARLOI’m A Pilot (ysi)
THE INVISIBLELondon Girl (ysi)
THE XXCrystalised (ysi)
CASIOKIDSFot I Hose (ysi)
MIRRORSLook At Me (ysi)

As a side note, the band Mirrors have agreed in principal to do an interview with us in the run up to their show at Loop, so as a returned thanks we perhaps should suggest that you see them at the festival above all else. They’re an amazing spectacle, so you won’t be disappointed. See you there. Have an awesome time.



Welcome back you Brighton scenesters you. With arms open wide I’m back with The Gig List 5 to embrace your ears in a loving clutch. Two sweet sets for you this time. Enjoy…

I’m still frothing at the mouth for the upcoming ‘Loop Festival’ in August, so this edition is going to once again give it a mention (I know I’ve covered it in The Gig List 4, but I got more to point out…). I want to select one particular highlight I didn’t mention before.

I will also be pointing you towards the ‘At Home By The Sea’ festival, showcasing indie bands at our beloved Concorde 2 venue over 2 days in August. Once again I want to highlight another band amongst the lineup that I think will be well worth a pop.

STYLESLUTS – This is (another) cracking music and culture blog created by a bunch of cooler-than-cool writers. Generally it’s found to be consistently waaaaaay ahead of the fashion and trends in the UK and around the world. It’s been live since 2005 and is the kind of blog I aspire to. Aren’t I kind. Their big-wig editor, Donald Crunk, occassionally takes the blog to the real world in the form of club nights and parties to die for. This is where The Gig List 5 comes in. Amongst the after-parties being thrown once The Loop Festival finishes, Stylsluts are going to be found in The Ocean Rooms. Be there or you aren’t as cool as you think you are!!

ACT:                    STYLESLUTS
VENUE:                THE OCEAN ROOMS, (after Loop Festival)
COST:                  £10
DATE:                  16th August 2008 @ 11pm – 8am
WEBSITES:     or

SHOUT OUT LOUDS – OK so there is another festival of music coming up and its found at Concorde 2, Brighton (what a ram-jammed summer feast of music we get in our beloved city – wow!). Amongst other acts such as Hot Club De Paris and Wild Beasts you will find Shout Out Louds. If you don’t know them already, they are a Swedish 5-piece with lovely, swirling melodies and packed-out indie charm. Soon to release single, ‘Impossible’ from their second album, ‘Our Ills Wills’. Go pogo, swing, nod, foot-tap and enjoy doing whatever you do at these gigs…

ACT:                    SHOUT OUT LOUDS
VENUE:                CONCORDE 2
COST:                  £10 (one day) or £15 (two days)
DATE:                  Saturday 9th August
WEBSITES:    (or see Concorde 2 site for full festival details)

I hope this helps sort out at least one eveing of fun through August for you. Keep coming back to see whats coming up next in Brighton and around. I’m off to sort you out the next Recommender, Number 6. It’s going to be all about the Los Angeles scene, coz quite frankly I wish I lived there right now. If Brighton wasn’t sooooo fucking awesome – obviously!

We’ll meet again some sunny day…




It’s been a few weeks, so sorry for the delay, but it’s…well…tough shit, and quite frankly I got a whole load of sweet and magical posts to swing by your ears so you are soon going to luuurve me for forever, so sit back, read away and click, upload and prepare to watch me fly…

With this Gig List I’m gonna focus solely on the upcoming LOOP FESTIVAL based in Brighton’s busy centre on 16th August. What a totally super-sweet line up it’s forged for this year. After last years success this is now an annual event and the set up is going from strength to strength. In a city known for its new music scenester festivals and particularly for breaking acts, Loop stands tall.

Amongst others, this year holds up; New Young Pony Club, The Bays, Caged Baby, , Primary One, Transformers and the fantastically named Holy Fuck. Nice!

However, I’m blowing my top over the following two awesome bands…CUT COPY and THE SHOES. Both are right up there with the best in both cracking tunes and blinding live sets.  Brightons going to swing until it goes boom!

CUT COPY – As tasty as Indie-Dance gets quite frankly. If you wanna know more then I’ve already posted about them below in The Recommender Number 3, so go have a look-see. Inspiring acts such as The Presets and Midnight Juggernauts they can do no wrong in my books – woo, and indeed, hoo!!

ACT:                     CUT COPY
COST:                   £25  (£32 for after-party club access)
DATE:                   16th August 2008

THE SHOES – Woah Nelly!!!! These guys are freeeeekin awesomeness personified. Totally on the button if you ask me. Another French Duo punching you with rocked-out electro beats, but before you go ranting about Justice and Daft Punk, you really need to consider this crew. I’ve been so impressed by them I simply cannot resist giving them a slot on The Recommender Number 5 (Due up real soon…), so learn more about them then.

                     THE SHOES
COST:                   £25  (£32 for after-party club access)
DATE:                   16th August 2008

OK I got soooo much to post I’m bursting at the seam so I’m going to leave it there, except to say that The Presets were amazing at Digital the other day, so I hope you were there to enjoy it too. If not, then what ya doing!!!? Shoulda listened to your old faithful ‘Gig List’ eh!!!?

I sincerely hope you do this time as LOOP FESTIVAL is going to be totally buzzing.

Until the next time ladies and fellas…


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