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I’ve had a couple of tantalising gigs waft past my ears recently, so time to share in a generous-kind-of-Xmassy-sort-of-way. Tis the season to be jolly and all. Get involved and you won’t be disappointed. Do I ever let you down? OK, forget that shite performance by…um…no, thinking about it, I never let you down…



A new year begins and so another NME Tour rolls into town for it’s annual jaunt around the UK. This time hitting the Dome theatre with a larger capacity. Cue hordes of Brighton’s trendy teens en masse. They’re sticking to their trusted formula of four bands as the showcase. First on the bill will be the UK’s gorgeous answer to Ida Maria, Florence And The Machine with her troop of eclectic catchy Indie pop tuneage. Next up you should catch a band just about getting their fingertips over the edges of Radio One airplay, White Lies. With their New Romantic Rock, they’re placed too close on the shelf to The Bravery for me, but there you go . Third on the bill are the highlight of the night, Friendly Fires. Their self-titled album, released back in September, was a true highlight of 2008. When they hit their peaks they’re unreachable and live they give it an additional notch all together, especially watching both of the Ed’s (the frontman and the lead guitarist) hit it out. Lastly that night, a band that are NME darlings, (but then so was Pete Doherty and he’s a lost twat), the Scottish 4-piece Glasvegas. They ain’t bad and to be fair I’ve never seen them live, but for some reason their wave just didn’t wash upon my shore. The best thing to do in these circumstances is at the very least give them go. When have you ever taken my word as bible eh?

VENUE:                  BRIGHTON DOME, Brighton
COST:                    £ 16.00
DATE:                    Monday 16th February 2009 



Just as you thought you were over the painful fact that Christmas and New Year had buggered up your wallets and you were climbing slowly closer to you bank account resembling something of normality – think again. Money will surely be flying back out of your account once more because February holds as much good live talent on our South shores as any previous year. Of the wide selection of acts performing for our pleasure this month I emplore you to check out this excellent group. I first fell in love with them after hearing one of my favourite songs of the year, Devils Crayon. Two singers, Tom and Hayden, the former providing the Edwyn Collins styled vocals and the latter giving us the tender Falsetto, almost reminiscent of Alison Moyet in part! The 4-piece’s sound is a guitar-based clambering brilliant piece of pop, that nestles somewhere inbetween nobody else. You won’t quite be able to shelve them and that’s definitely part of their charm. Set up in the tiny venue, Audio, this will be a truly up close and personal encounter not to be missed.

ACT:                      WILD BEASTS
VENUE:                  AUDIO, Brighton
COST:                    £ 8.00
DATE:                    Friday 20th February 2009
WEBSITES:            Myspace


So that’s yet another reliably fantastic recommendation for a couple of nights out in the new year. Get over Xmas save up your pennies as best you can once more and get busy foot tapping…




Got a couple of winter-warmer gigs to throw your way today. One is a totally fresher than fresh new act and the other is a band that’s about as established as it gets – both are totally way-way-out-there cool! The Dome, one of Brighton’s larger venues, seems to be stealing the best of the big bands these days. On the other end of the scale the smaller New Hero club seems to be the most cutting edge, due in no small part to the excellent work done there by Henron.

Following their fantastic collection of the much-sought-after Mercury Music Prize earlier this year they are continuing on their UK tour. It hits Brighton at the start of the next leg at The Dome, a venue that I think will prove to be the perfect size for their atmospheric, hopeful, powerful music. Catching them live you will be able to hear Guy Garvey’s vocals punch the notes perfectly – a sight that is truly remarkable when witnessed in person. Not that the album’s production doesn’t also do him justice, its just that this fella really can sing so bloody well live. There’s a fantastic juxtaposition when you see a big, working class, northern man, create a sound so beautiful with his voice. A band in the true sense, sharing all writing credits and the subsequent royalties five ways, they bond on stage brilliantly. The gig may be three months away but I list it here now as tickets will surely sell out fast, so make sure you catch the award-winning album, plus the best of the rest of their brilliant back-catalogue, as well as the awesome show closer, On A Day Like This.

ACT:                     ELBOW
VENUE:                 THE DOME, Brighton
COST:                   £ 22.50 (plus booking free)
DATE:                   Saturday 28th February 2009
WEBSITE:             Myspace

It seems a lot of new artists are coming through this year with their identity kept a total mystery. The Golden Filter do just that. Perhaps a lack of an identity creates a buzz as people search for info on them? Perhaps it’s just to shunt us busy bloggers? Perhaps, in this age of communication and profiling, a lack of names and faces adds a refreshing touch? For once you cannot pigeon hole them, dress like them, replicate them or judge them as people, you can only cast opinion on the music. And what a fantastic sound it is too. They deliberately pursue being secretive, but there is no doubting that the music is enticing enough. I will be giving them their own Recommender posting in the near future, where I’ll be elaborating more about their contagiously cute Electro-Disco-Pop. Go hunt them out and discover the big reveal for yourselves at New Hero this November.

ACT:                    THE GOLDEN FILTER
VENUE:                Somewhere In The Universe… @ NEW HERO
COST:                  £ tbc
DATE:                  Friday 21st November 2008
WEBSITE:            Myspace

Two great gigs, one this year, one in 2009. At least we can bridge the new year with plenty to look forward to in Brighton.





Got you lovely people a themed GIG LIST for Number 9. Whether you live in BRIGHTON or not, you really should know all about the new club NEW HERO! Today I’m going to be waxing all about the newest Electro nightclub located in central Brighton. It’s what Saturday night was invented for after all.

Not only does it list the best resident line up of any club I’ve ever known in Brighton, its got sweet flavours on both Friday and Saturday nights! Acts blowing up this dancefloor will be Henron (Fridays and occassional Saturdays) and then a rotation of residents for just the Saturday that will comprise of Midfield General, South Central, Punks Jump Up, Stopmakingme and Nightmoves. Fridays are the legendary ‘Somewhere In The Universe’ parties and Saturdays will be the new ‘Dance Dance Death’ event.

Amongst many others, here is a selection of previous acts to play at ‘Somewhere In The Universe…’ (when it was based at other clubs in a previous life). It reads like a who’s who of the worlds coolest DJ’s. Check this out…

Dj Mehdi

So you really have no excuses…

OK just to get a little specific for a minute I wanna post about which nights are coming up. I firstly wanna list Henron as he is the pioneer of ‘Somewhere…’. You’ve never seen such a lively DJ with his enthusiastic and contagious jumping up and down behind the decks. He thumps the air with his fists, climbs upon his decks and gets the place in such a swing! It totally rocks. His electro set is thumping, crunchy and totally banging. You’ll love him.

ACT:                    DJ HENRON
VENUE:                SOMEWHERE IN THE UNIVERSE…, NEW HERO, 11 Dyke Road, Brighton
COST:                  £3  pre-11pm, £5  after 11pm
DATE:                  Friday 12th September 2008
WEBSITE:             Myspace

Secondly, on the Saturday night this weekend is NIGHTMOVES from Kitsune playing the Dance Dance Death party. He is well known for his brilliant remixes for everyone from Klaxons to Late Of The Pier to Rosin Murphy to Friendly Fires. Well worth six little pounds of your finest earnings.

ACT:                    NIGHTMOVES
:                DANCE DANCE DEATH, NEW HERO, 11 Dyke Road, Brighton
COST:                  £6   (10pm to late)
DATE:                  Saturday 13th September 2008
WEBSITE:             Myspace

OK, enough from me for this GIG LIST. I’ll have THE RECOMMENDER 10 up soon, so head back when your ready…or slightly before your ready if you so wish…



The Gig List – Number 3

Two posts in two days – Aren’t you the spoiled ones! Saying that, already got a new Recommender due up too, so the posts are coming thick and fast now that my computer’s feeling better about itself. Nice.

OK, it’s been a mad month through May in Brighton. Not only did we have many strange and beautiful highlights here for the ‘Brighton Festival’, but we had our annual mad weekend of new music with ‘The Great Escape’, which is fast becoming Europe’s leading new music festival! It’s brilliant that we Brightonians embrace new music so well. I figure it’s a blend of having an alternative atmosphere inherant in the city, having a large young population of students, having a great number of small and mid-sized venues dotted around the centre of town and also a little sprinkling of the sea air probably adds to the madness too!

This years Great Escape saw the acts such as: Yeasayer, The Ting Tings, The Young Knives, Vampire Weekend, The XX, Late Of The Pier and The Futureheads to name but a few! Best named bands gotta be split between either : Soiled Matress & The Springs or Brighton’s own Maths Class – brilliant!

And so we look on to what’s in store through the rest of the summer and turn our attention to two American bands edging onto many radio’s playlists currently. Remember, this is ONLY a guide to what’s on, the rest is up to you : check out the bands, locate the tickets, get to the venue etc. My aim is to simply make you better informed. Nice.

First up – THE BLACK KIDS. They are from Jacksonville, Florida and bring with them a sunny disposition and energy in their tunes. It sounds a little as if The Cure’s Robert Smith is fronting The Go Team, if you can imagine! Great riffs and sing-along chorus’ burst out of each song. Live they’ve supported acts such as Kate Nash, Friendly Fires and more recently Cut Copy, all of which would’ve been cracking evenings I’m sure!

ACT:                    THE BLACK KIDS
VENUE:                CONCORDE 2
COST:                  £ 8.50
DATE:                  Thursday 10th July 2008

Next up is New York oddballs – BATTLES. I’ll attach a video for their single Atlas, as trying to describe their sound is nigh-on impossible quite frankly. Guitar-led indie with weirded-out vocals by singer Tyondai Braxton make up a unique and experimental soundscape. Brilliant riffs and hooks whip the listener up, it really is excitingly fresh stuff. Have a listen…then go get some tickets as I reckon this gig will be very, very cool!!

ACT:                    BATTLES
VENUE:                CONCORDE 2
COST:                  £ 11.00
DATE:                  Tuesday 15th July 2008

Other highlights coming up include; THE PRESETS @ Barfly, Friday 27th June (£8.00) and OK TOKYO (more about these guys in next post of The Recommender me thinks) @ Freebut, Friday 13th June (£6.50).

Recent brilliant gigs of awesomness that appeared in our city included; MIDNIGHT JUGGERNAUTS @ Barfly, FRIENDLY FIRES @ Concorde 2 (note-best guitaring I’ve seen since Johnny Greenwood!), HEARTS REVOLUTION @ Ocean Rooms and UFFIE & FEDZ @ Ocean Rooms. If you missed them, nevermind, just make sure you look out for them next time around as they come with my stamp of approval all over them. Yummy.

Before I end, I gotta say yet another well done to Henron at Ocean Rooms for managing to book the best DJ’s and dance acts on the planet. This club is now going down as one of the finest in the UK for its cutting edge Electro night, usually every Friday. The media are all over it – so should you be!

See you down the front some time soon…



THE GIG LIST – Number 1


Hi Everyone

OK here is the first ever edition of ‘THE GIG LIST’ on my blog. The aim of this is to simply point out a couple of upcoming gigs, local to Brighton, that I believe will be well worth your investigation.

The rest is over to you – Check out the bands, locate the tickets, get to the venue, etc. My aim is only to make you better informed. Nice.

This week I’m pointing out two gigs that should prove to be outstanding.

The first is a pair of giants in the dance industry and kings of the remix –SOULWAX, or as some of you may also know them – 2 MANY DJs. The Belgium duo have been experimenting and chopping up dance floors like nobody else across the world for years now. Thank your lucky stars you have a new opportunity to see them once again in Brighton…

ACT:                        SOULWAX / 2 MANY DJs
VENUE:                   Concorde 2
COST:                      £ 17.00
DATE:                      Wednesday 23rd April 2008

The second gig is an NME promotion coming to our town. It is part of their ‘New Noise Tour’. This Brighton leg involves four upcoming bands, one of which is the Toronto two-piece, CRYSTAL CASTLES, a fantastically brilliant electro-punk outfit. Another on the bill I am particularly fond of is new indie band, FRIENDLY FIRES. Well worth a few pounds of your money.

EVENT:                    NME New Noise Tour
VENUE:                   Concorde 2
COST:                      £ 9.00
DATE:                      Monday 5th May 2008

I hope this helps fill at least one night out for you, (if not two!). Remember, I’m always interested to hear if you are joining us.

If you’re really keen on finding out more about my musical tastes and recommendations, then please go to :

Until the next time,

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